Edible Pot Can Take You Down the Rabbit Hole

Taken from JRE #1360 w/Nikki Glaser:


  1. I took 100mgs with 4 of my friends the second time I’ve ever done marijuana. By far and I mean by far the worst experience of my life. The first 20 mins was great everything was hilarious and then it set in. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was seeing the most insane images, not hallucinations per say but like for example I was reading words Infront of Me and the voice in my head was yelling them, all while non-sensical distorted images were flowing through my head. I legit thought I was going to die and at one point I was seeing myself in third person but my face was distorted. As it climbed I couldn’t open my eyes anymore and my heart was going so insane that each heartbeat would somehow cause a new, nonsensical vivid image to show up in my head. By the end of it I was completely immobile, and the images I was seeing had meshed into one huge bright yellow light. IF ANYONE is considering taking edibles start with 5mgs. Don’t create hell for yourself, it’s not worth it. Trust me

  2. Strong and heavy doses of edibles have been nothing but panic attacks for me, mixed with being anti social and needing to stay inside with paranoia while the drug wears out.
    Haven’t touched them in a while.

  3. I've never really been high off of smoking, but I have from edibles. They're pretty fun, but the last time was a bit sad because one of my friends wasn't feeling well and I felt that

  4. Coming here after having one of the most intense highs of my life. I wish someone would have told me before.

    Edible pot really truly is another animal. Doesn't get nearly as much respect as it deserves.

    Powerful shit

  5. Had the worst 8-10 hours of my life a couple of months ago after my mate gave me too much edibles on a day out.. i genuinely convinced myself i was going to die. ended up walking like 8 miles to try and get home after my friend left so that it would wear off as i physically couldnt get into an uber or bus. fucking awful

  6. i used to be too nervous to go to school sober but the only thing i had at the time was thc concentrate so i would put that shit in a bunch of capsules and put it in a vitamin D bottle and carry it around everywhere and take 1 before school every day. some days it was fucking horrible because it's really easy to misproportion the capsules and take too much but some days were fine. i was known as that girl that was constantly too stoned in school and it was the only reason most of my friends at the time wanted to be my friend but anyways it was one of the lowest points of my life so never again doing that shit

  7. If you reach the level I feel just normsl when I take it then stop it till you have again an overwhelming effect by taking it. Dont forget. Drugs are something really powerful. If you dont feel it anymore you overdone it

  8. Once I was listening to a friend's very long Whatsapp audio (like 3-4 minutes). Halfway the audio, I started just saying "Hmm Hmm, yeah, totally" like if I was on a phone call. When the audio ended I started talking like an idiot, realizing seconds later it was a WA Audio. That was the moment I said "damn, I'm high as fuck!"

  9. I once was at a Target while an edible kicked in that was supposedly 50mgs which I believe was 5000mgs 😉 to this day. Anyway… I screwed up my self check out 3 times and one of the cashiers had to help me… I was both mortified and on cloud nine all at once… It was quite funny. I still take edibles… I love them.

    Don't scare people Joe.

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