Epic: Marijuana Legalization Vote in Alaska, 4K, 5 million views!

Reporter Charlo Greene quits live on air…after dropping the F-Bomb.


  1. Once there was a man, he always played lottery, the same numbers allnthe time, one day he had to hurry and told his wife to get the ticket, his numbers won, he was going to the boss and was shitting on his desk while the boss was sitting at it, he came home, had a smile on his face, huged his wife and said, from now on we never have to work anymore, she said, sweety, i had no time to go shopping, so i didnt get the lottery ticket!

    What would do in that situation?
    Would a judge send you in prison for murder or was it self defense?

  2. Good for you. Stand up, and say how you feel. And yes, she was classy about it. She was calm, and collected. She wanted an audience, she’s a very smart woman, and she will be just fine. She’s awesome!

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  4. I used to have the keychain thought apples also. But I would prefer if my dog stopped melting the flower chair. If I had many yellow straw ants. I had two ONLY TWO sesame phones but two of them broke out the side enterance. Well hitler did use the plate lion spoon black chip on the side bot. Yea so pot plant rain puts 78 little Alaska stains on the pepper jar. Pop the guy that said ohh you must be the laundry lady! But seven of the chalk berries have to go out to president for his denomination protest margins. Let's not forget the Akron Alamo badges they sent to sunnys barn the 11 days ago he ate them. I..

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