Feline Hyperesthesia, Flea induced Seizures, and my advice on seizures and cats.

Dr Magnifico is a small animal veterinarian who highlights the cases she sees. This is Gracie. She has a severe flea allergy and dermatitis. She is so itchy she …


  1. My cat had similar symptoms he fell on his side suddenly during a bath after trying to get out aggressively (which is not like him at all) and I immediately held him but it lasted for 5 mins or more and it was his first.
    i was shocked and hurt to my bones and he passed away afterwards. His eyes weren’t normal they were very far vertically and he wasn’t responsive almost like he wasn’t seeing me or hearing anything. Is it a seizure?

  2. I understand having to vaccinate for rabies.. I understand the concerns, I understand it's a State law.. however, I have serious concerns about the chemicals in the vaccine triggering more central nervous system issues.. I feel as though the risk outweighs the benefits for a strictly indoor cat 🤷

  3. My cat is doing the same thing only after the first or second dose of advantage, she licks herself, stares into space with her head cocked up, the frantically lightly licks her tail and runs….After 3 doses she doesnt even have fleas but 5 days after no fleas still doing it..She went to the vet and had to have her anal glands expressed

  4. My cat had this disease when she was 10 months old. It was terrible. She healed thanks to a "biokinesiologue" (I don't know the name in English) It is somebody who communicates with the cat and heals it. Even from far. The person who healed my cat was in Spain whereas I am in France. Please don't let your cats like this. It may get worse. Medications will never HEAL your cat, except maybe make him sleep !! If you need the contact information of the person I know, Please let me know. I will be glad to help. Céline

  5. Site of rabies shot is associated with CANCER. As a vet, you don't know this? Many cases reported. Just bathe the cat Gracie with some Dawn and a soothing lotion. If necessary, trank her first to get her bathed..

  6. Our 21 year old domestic long hair has had severe idiopathic grand mal seizures for the last 10+ years. They just started out of the blue as far as we can tell (no use of flea meds, all other animals in the house are healthy). They frequently happen when she's sleeping, and are quite violent to witness. She thrashes so hard she'll fall off beds, couches, etc. She will do a very distinct yowl before they start, and they usually last about 2-3 minutes. She'll froth at the mouth, sometimes bite her tongue (causing bloody frothing), and she will urinate and sometimes stool as well. After a seizure she's quite dazed and will often sleep for a while. Over the last 10 years we've taken her to about 5 or 6 different vets for opinions on how to treat her, but every vet has said that unless she's seizing more than a few times a week, the meds could be worse than the seizures. My father started putting CBD oil in her food a few times a day, but we haven't noticed much difference. Thankfully she has otherwise had a long, healthy life and she is endlessly pampered by my father.

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