Gramps' on death bed revived with Cannabis Oil & Cancer Journey

When Dial Hall was diagnosed as terminally ill and in his ‘final hours’, his family substituted his morphine for cannabis oil and was blessed with an AWAKENING …


  1. This is beautiful. My father is also going thru this. Except he doesnt have asthma, hes a diabetic. I sure hope i can help my father kust like yall gave this wonderful man a fighting and longer chance to live.

  2. Stoping all the medication at once could have made Him stroke !!!!! He was so very loved by you all " I'm using RSO oil & doing Gersons therapy for my rectal cancer stage 3 & I have CML since 2011 I sure hope it works !!!!!! I'm not afraid to die " I just don't want pain ! Chemo & Radiation give you more cancer I'm not going to put my family or my body through that crap !!!!!!

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