Graves' Disease & Hashimoto's Live Chat #3

On Thursday October 24th at 2pm Eastern time Dr. Eric Osansky will be having a live chat for those with Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s. The goal of this chat …


  1. Dr. Osansky please, even though you told me to see this video, it’s no help! The issue my husband is having is worsening of eye inflammation even though the TSI levels are now at 1.40 and Thyroid levels normal. He’s done with the Methylprednisolone infusions since September 9 and gradually and slowly the eyes started to get worse as the médecin was disappearing from his system and the eye specialist doesn’t want to put him back on the Methylprednisolone even though he got on it for only 4 months total (250 mg then at 500mg then back at 250mg ) when people sometimes are on it for a year? He had no side effects from it.
    He’s got a slight protrusion in on eye and the other not but looks toward the side of the nose. The doc said it is because he developed scar tissue in the eye rotator muscles during the inflammation phase so the range of motion is limited.The PROBLEM is the Thyroid Eye Disease is still going with double vision in the horizontal so had prismatic glasses done and now since a few days it’s worsening as he has a slight vertical diplopie so clearly worsening.
    Could it be that TED keeps acting even though the TSI are in normal range? They usually say that TED goes with the thyroid issues which was the case but now that this is normalized and TSI within normal range I can’t explain why the eyes would keep worsening? TPO, TRAb normal too and immunoglobulin A normal. What’s your opinion on that? Are both really related (Graves Disease and TED)? He doesn’t have any imbalances or deficiency in minerals or vitamins and no leaks Gut.has stopped gluten even though it didn’t show that he was allergic to it and takes all the supplements like Trans-resveratrol, L- carnitine, C, D2- K, Low Dose Naltrexone, Selenium 600mcg, Berberine and the basics like A, Bs, E, etc… Eats organic for 20 years even though we know it’s not perfect, drinks one glass of red wine a day, eats salmon, sardines and small fish. His adrenals are working well know, also his liver is fine, and nervous system is balanced now. The pituitary/ Hypothalamus and pituitary/ adrenal axis is good. Any help into why TED keeps acting when all is normal would be appreciated! HELP please . I don’t want my husband to be handicapped further with his eyes.

  2. Are you giving people false hope that the you can take graves disease away naturally If that was the case that we thousands of people getting better Realistically What are you doing for the people that follow your discussion Other than giving them false hope

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