Growing Cannabis Outdoors in 5 Gallon Buckets

Nutrients I used to grow these plant outdoors ✋ ❤️☮️🤚: – Weeks 1-8 of flowering Optimum Hydroponix® – 2-Part Liquid Nutrient Concentrate – Weeks 2-4 add …


  1. Uh man I hate you lol naw I’m joking just so jelly !!! My backyard could look like this but I’d go to prison for 50 years !! Damn Kentucky come on and legalize!!! I had to take down my four plants I had up this year due to bud rot those big buds was holding moisture way to much and not receiving enough sunlight. Thought I had all the plans this year but better off next year !! Damn it man. Your plants are something to look at!!! Keep growing man. Unstoppable

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