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  2. I Agree With Him Saying Hemp CBD Is Getting Taken For A Ride… I Have A Brain Tumor, Wisconsin Doesn't Have Legal Cannabis, So I Bought Help Oil & Flower From Amazon… It Didn't Do A Damn Thing Like I Hoped It Would've… If I Could Find Cannabis, I'd Buy Medical Cannabis… With A Brain Tumor, I Have Nothing To Lose…

  3. Does it ever bother anyone how this dude sticks his whole face on the growers bud? Seems like he gets a lot of looks but nobody says anything lol

  4. Im right with you on most things, the fresh frozen i hadn't heard of until a couple years ago but bho has been around far longer than 8 years, as well as dabbing. The guy I learned to make bho from had already been making it and dabbing since he came home from Vietnam. Him and his buddy's got hooked on junk over there and the few that survived their reintegration with society started dabbling with their home grows and found that they could make bho and it was easier to ween off the opium than to go cold turkey. 2 died from pharmaceutical overdose, one died from injecting cold water, they left behind 3 old men that still enjoy a little bho before bed time.

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