Growing Marijuana (Episode 1)

We worked extremely hard on this video and it took us a couple days to complete – so I truly hope you all enjoy it. Are you looking to grow weed? We’re about …


  1. all I can say is good luck im in 20 years commercial growing and I still am learning shit those places that teach are a joke as soon as people get outta there into real life they suck

  2. How is this legal? Ive been arrested many times for weed and my life was ruined as a child for "drug" arrest. Florida hates poor people having weed or making money selling it.

    I know a lot about weed how do I do it legal?

    Do I need to have money and be white for the laws not to apply to me? If not, please tell me what to do to make a legal living off weed. I still have seeds from the 90s I've been scared to plant.

  3. "Irrigation system never done before" … Dutch Bucket in a NFT/Ebb and flow format? Inventive I reckon but yea its a few different hydro systems bred together sorry is just old hat I tend to mate hydro systems to make abominations all the time. I do like how you made Dutch Bucket system mobile though.

  4. I'd suggest using a five gallon paint strainer net inside those buckets. Roots will quickly stop up the return pipes. First thing I would've down is spray everything down and bomb for mites. You never know what last guy left behind. Sulfur burners at least

  5. A bit confused by your statement, that the bucket hydro set up hasn't been done before. Have personally built something very similar for clients in the dark past and even at that time it wasn't really a new ideal.

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