Guess Who's Against Marijuana Legalization

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  1. I've roasted everyone that has told me why it should stay illegal and I wish I had the chance to beat tf out of every ignorant dumbass out there that's against the legalization of nature !

  2. The types of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis for adults:

    1. The Bible-thumper: Those who have never read Genesis 1:11, 1:29, 9:3, and Ecclesiasticus 38:4 or just ignore them.

    2. The Authoritarian: Those that think that people have the right to tell another peaceable person what they can or cannot put on or in their own body under threat of physical and monetary punishment.

    3. The Sheep: Those who just do as they are told without question and think the government knows what's best for them. Remember, slavery was legal. The Holocaust was legal. Segregation was legal. Never use the state as a metric of ethics.

    4. The Over Protective Parent: Those who don't want it in the hands of children, yet they probably have alcohol and prescription drugs in the fridge or cupboard, not realizing that those can kill their children and cannabis cannot.

    5. The Ignorant: Those who think that it can kill you; and those who think it has no medicinal value even though it has an LD50 of between 1:20,000-1:40,000 and we have things like Marinol and U.S. Patent #6630507. Those that think smoking cannabis is the only way to ingest it and those that think it kills brain cells.

    6. The Idiot: Those who aren't intelligent enough to realize that something that can't kill you (cannabis) is unequivocally less dangerous than something that can kill you (alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, nicotine, prescription drugs). It is a safer alternative to lethal, recreational chemicals.

    7. The A**hole: Those who don't want to admit that they have been wrong all these years and/or have punished someone for it.

    8. The Pig: Those who enjoy depriving humans of their life, liberty, happiness, loved ones and possessions over non-violent, victim-less acts such as possessing an all-natural and 100% non-lethal plant. Also, anyone who benefits from asset forfeiture. Cops, judges, prosecutors.

    9. The Greedy: Those who stand to lose money if it was legalized nationally. Cops, judges, prosecutors, cartels, the private prison system, oil companies, Big Pharma, lumber industries, alcohol companies, tobacco companies, etc.

    10. The Hypocrites: Those who think it makes you dumb, yet they will never be as intelligent as Carl Sagan; those who think it makes you lazy, yet will never be as physically adept as Micheal Phelps; and those who think it makes people worthless, yet will never be as talented as their favorite musician. Also, people who drink alcohol and say that drugs are bad, not realizing that alcohol is a drug.

    11. The Nosy: Those who want it to stay illegal because they don't like the smell of it. Even though by that logic we should outlaw cooking meat because vegans don't like the smell of burning flesh. They probably think we should outlaw farts and water treatment plants, too.

    12. The Straight edge: The arrogant people who think that because they don't want or like something, no one else should be allowed.

    13. The Gateway theorists: Those that think it is a gateway drug. If that's true, Willie Nelson has some explaining to do. Also, curiosity is the only gateway drug.

    14. The "it causes crime" people: Cannabis doesn't cause crime, prohibition does. Example: Alcohol prohibition and Al Capone.

    Cannabis doesn't kill people. People kill people. Which makes it unequivocally less dangerous than those who have failed at their endeavor to eradicate it from our country.

  3. Funny how something legalized kills people everyday huh? Then something not legalized, such as marijuana has never killed anybody ever. We are all being brainwashed. Some people are just too stupid to realize it.

  4. It saddens me to see smokers having to work through the concepts of govt "it will get lots of taxes"  "It will lower road deaths" – they are all methods of begging to mummy and daddy govt ; there is only one argument  "Govt does not tell me what i can do with my personal freedom"  , anything else is begging 

  5. The Partnership for a Drug Free America is funded by the big Alcohol producers, and the major Pharma Industry. This bullshit about their concern for "stoned" truckdrivers is just that, bullshit. Their concerned about losing money. As are the private prison industry, the addiction counseling industry, the pre-employment drug testing industry, and the law enforcement industry.

  6. The beer companies have a lot of nerve. Lol All the Alcohol related accidents that have occurred everywhere. Alcohol poisoning etc.

    Weed makes you want to put on a funny movie and eat a whole pizza. Alcohol makes People get in their car and crash into a fire hydrant, then go start a fight with somebody.

  7. For some guy saying im "trolling" you sure get offended by what I say. I guess if I was trolling you I was successful.
    If you have not from all our comment picked up the issue that is not my problem. Just don't get so mad next comment you make.

  8. "Remember you are the one flying off the handle swearing and getting angry, not I." The internet is tired of people like you getting online and stating your opinion like it's a fact and then trying to attack someone's character when he disagrees with you. What is the point of you even commenting me and calling me a drunk driver when you've never met me in the first place if you're not trying to debate alcohol vs marijuana? What point are you even trying to make then? Just trolling?

  9. "I simply pointed out the obvious with facts."

    Complete lie.

    "If you are offended by mu use of the word "alcoholic" then maybe there is some truth in that word for you."

    Even if this were true, you called me an alcoholic before you incorrectly assumed I was offended. So what is your basis for me being an alcoholic? That's right. You don't have one.

    Nice condescending text too. So what exactly is it that makes you think you're better than everyone in the world who prefers alcohol, kid?

  10. You sure like to assume a lot of things. If you are going to attack my intelligence you shouldn't do so on an assumption my dear little friend.
    If you are offended by mu use of the word "alcoholic" then maybe there is some truth in that word for you.
    Remember you are the one flying off the handle swearing and getting angry, not I.
    Im not sure what you mean by "umadbro" style of arguing. I simply pointed out the obvious with facts. If you cant handle that then maybe you shouldn't post comments.

  11. The point I'm trying to make now is that if you want to have a real intelligent debate with someone, make sure the person you're even debating wants to argue. Make sure the person you want to debate actually has the opposite stance from yours.
    Don't try to use petty middle school insults to get your points across such as calling someone an alcoholic and then pulling that overused "umadbro?" style of arguing. It doesn't make you look smart.

  12. Yeah, you're a troll and probably 16.

    I remember when I had my first joint too. Felt pretty good. How many times have you been high? Twice?

    Also, don't pretend to be able to tell if someone is angry over the internet. It's impossible to tell. This is text.

    You didn't answer my question. What makes you think I'm an alcoholic?

    That'd be like me calling you an overweight, lazy pothead who is unemployed. It's impossible for me to know, isn't it?

  13. Judging from your anger I assume I hit a nerve and some of what I said is true.
    Also it's ironic you tell me not to turn something into something when in fact that is exactly what YOU have done. I wasn't trying to debate anything.

  14. Where do you get the evidence that I am an alcoholic? Where the fuck do you get off telling me I would even consider driving while intoxicated?

    I've been drinking occasionally off and on for about six years, and I have never, nor would I ever drive drunk.

    Stop trying to turn this into a alcohol vs. marijuana debate.

  15. hah, jokes on them, I do both and most stoners I know do as well…also, love how they gripe about drug testing… drug tests are only mandated for security and dot jobs, and frankly nothing stops them from testing for alcohol as well (just applied to Securitas and had to consent to a drug AND ALCOHOL screen for pre-employment)

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