Harvesting Grape Punch Marijuana Buds 420 Drying Curing

Watch this video of Harvesting Grape Punch Marijuana Buds 420 Drying Curing.


  1. lmao! get on your level? Naw brah, GET ON MY LEVEL! 20 grams off that branch? seriously… Thats probly an eigth when dried… mabey a quarter, but no way was that branch fuckin 20 grams. I not only that, but i seriously doubt that is only "one branch" i garantee that, that's the WHOLE plant. Cause seriously, if you did, woud't you wanna show all of it off rather then just a branch? fuckin loser..

  2. lol that is not a branch. thats a whole plant. you tryin to trick the wrong dude the placement of the fan leafs and the branches comin off the side are a dead give away. sorry. recognize

  3. who got purple? i got grapeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I went to the block other day righttttttttttttt?? they said they had some purple rightttttttttttt…well when i came back they didn have no grapessssssssss maynnnnn.

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