Health Anxiety: Buspirone Update // CBD OIL?!

Hey guys!! So happy to hear from all of you who have been reaching out and sharing your stories with me, that means the world to me. Here’s an update and as …


  1. Thank you for sharing! EVERYTHING in your video resonates with me. I was a huge pothead my teen and early 20s. Then I had kids and now it just makes me paranoid and anxious. Sucks lol. Panic attacks have been creeping up on me and I've been thinking I'm dying. Just like you said, the pain becomes so intense and those pains are real. I took myself to the er because it became imberable. My Dr prescribed buspar but I haven't taken it yet because I've never been on any anxiety meds. I'm desperate to rid myself of this torment. I'm going to try the cbd one day because I hear so many good things about it.

  2. Caution!! Buspar is processed through the same liver channel as CBD, grapefruit, etc. Please discuss with your doctor prior as CBD significantly increases buspirone blood levels. I am on buspirone and was just recommended CBD oil by my doctor to treat COVID inflammation and damage. Please only do this under the guidance of a physician! Loved video!

  3. Are you still taking this medication? My Dr prescribed me this a month ago and I still haven't had the courage to start taking it. See one of my triggers is to take medication because I'm afraid it's gonna make me feel weird and I'm not gonna be able to stop it. But my panic disorders is off the roof. I can't sleep at nights. I get really bad Anxiety when I try to sleep.

  4. I was curious about Buspirone mixing with full-spectrum CBD oil. It has .3% THC in it (the legal limit.) I know you’re not supposed to mix marijuana with Buspirone- this CBD oil has such a tiny amount, I would guess it’s fine but not sure. Any thoughts?

  5. Hey girl I just want to say thanks for making this video. I have pcos and hoshimotos thyroiditis which is inflammation related too also extreme anxiety and panic lately. I was just prescribed that as well and I’m so nervous to take it because of my health anxiety. I’m only prescribe it as needed. Girl I just need you to say it’ll be fine to take but I’m so nervous about how I will feel after taking it and if I’ll have a panic attack after taking it because I’m so nervous about it and I have an irrational fear about anything new I consume or take will kill me lol. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. It's great to see how well you doing..people don't realise that with a panic attack you literally feel like you are about to psychotherapist tales this so seriously with me
    I've been on all the SSRI in the UK and the effects have been horrendous
    I'm staring on buspirone in a weeks time and want to say thank you for your reassurance x

  7. Love your vids! I think smoking green changes the amygdala in our brains and then being high leads to panic/anxiety. Thank you for the vote of confidence about the CBD oil too – literally never tried it for the same reason you didn't.

  8. Heal your anxiety watch Wonderbro on Utube you will thank me later…free. Tell him Shane sent ya. 😍 Keep up the great work Sam it's a long road but it can be fix with alot of work using acceptance…..

  9. What a great explanation you're a very bright young lady. I'm a 5 5 year old mom of three my daughter is your age. I had open heart surgery in 2011 and had a stroke 2018 which is left my left side paralyzed. I suffer from terrible panic attacks and you're exactly right unless you have people that support you they don't need to be around because no one understands unless they've had it

  10. Hey Sam! I completely relate with everything you said in this video. I’ve been having random heath panic attacks for 4 years now. I started on Buspar 4 months ago and my panic attacks are like small little sensations now. I don’t even go down the intense impending doom hole or even come close. There isn’t much information or reviews of Buspar on the internet and you inspired me to make a video like you. Would love to chat sometime and spread awareness of this medicine. It seems like there really isn’t much research on it as well… but it works great.

  11. Amen girl panic attacks suck preach it that 2-5 hour heart attack I'm gonna die shit..good to hear you've got down to baby attacks..keep making progress. Hopefully it'll help me too.

  12. You go girl, unless someone suffers from anxiety, which I have had since my early 20's…..they just dont get it. It is very frustrating when someone says to me "just cowboy up" or "man up" like its all in my head…..wait a minute it is 😉 but thats why some of us need to treat a chemical imbalance. Keep up the great vids Sam.👍

  13. You said somthing very true in that we do make friends with our anxiety. I tried cbd and it started working. What was weird is that feeling normal felt very weird to me. I actually felt uncomfortable feeling at ease.

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