How I use cannabis oil for my aggressive brain cancer CBD and RSO THC

In the UK press again this week and people ask what I use so here is a quick simple video explaining more, I’ll shortly be interviewing some cannabis experts for …


  1. Clearly you have been stable for quite some time now and what you’re doing is working!
    I’m curious, what do you think when you see doctors and such denying that there are possible cures which aren’t being tried, that very well could work? Because I’ve heard many stories of people having their cancer going into remission after refusing conventional treatment(namely chemo and radiation). Sorry if this is inappropriate dialogue to start on your channel(please feel free to delete my comment if it crosses a line)… But if my comment isn’t overboard, does it make you roll your eyes or does it bother you?
    Also, happy to see you thriving and living!

  2. I have to ask again because I cant find it anymore and I know its in one of your videos. What do you take to flash the dead cancer cells out of your body?

  3. There are already positive reports of healing cancer on the carnivore diet ✨
    Also a guy with brain cancer.
    Go carnivore ✨ it's easy, just eat beef, fat, drink water ✨
    Check "Mikhaila Peterson and the lion diet".
    Check here for testimonies and studies, ✨ for mental and physical health 💪 😇 👍

  4. Best of luck..
    Glad you said it doesn't work for everyone.
    I tell people I come across to check into cannabis, but I dont like giving false hope.we dont know forsure how cannabis kills certain types of cancer.
    Chef b has a huge YouTube channel. Was very passionate about cannabis. Has many videos on cannabis.
    He found out he had cancer, was doing cbd,rso treatment alone,no chemotherapy.
    He end up passing away. Could be a few different reasons. Maybe his stage of cancer was to far gone.
    Your super young.
    So I do truly hope your treatment works for u.
    A lady in Australia took some pill with cannabis. She is doing well I believe..
    Keep us up to date on your situation if you dont mind..
    God bless

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