How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Get the facts. Marijuana drug test detection times for urine, saliva and hair. The most common thc drug test is available at …


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  2. I'm 6'2 almost 6'3 and I went from 260 to 225 pounds currently and quit smoking 36 days ago .. I fail my at home test on my first pee but after drinking 1 liter or a little more of water i pass my second test does this mean I'm very close to having it out my system?

  3. Hi, i haven't smoked since 120 days, but I hang out with my friends and they were smoking in a badly ventilated room. I inhaled a lot of smoke. Will a hair test detect this?

  4. What if you are an edible?

    I did 2 months ago

    Still THC in my system

    Haven't been feeling the same

    And the weed strain was strong(Loud)

    Made me trip too

    I do have percentage of body fat too tho

  5. bitch i took my test today and i been freaking out for like 5 days on google. i’m scared. i only smoked 3 times within 2 months. but idk bruh i need this job lmao mcdonald’s only pay me 7.25 but the new job is 14 an hour !

    5-year daily smoker here. 6'0, about 57 kilos, under 8% body fat.
    Still positive after 32 days.
    EDIT: Clean after either 36-40 days. The second line on a T – C test was so faint, I may have misread two tests.

  7. so i smoked on dec 1 alot and then took 1 weed gummy on dec 24 its now janurary 12 and i got drug tested on jan 10 by urine. keep in mind i dont really smoke before december i hadnt smoked in months. do you think i passed ? im so nervous

  8. The problem with me, it's i smoke too much, and i'm fat as fuck, damn, smoking 4 blunts everyday into the late hours, for months, while 20%BF…. i'm gonna be positive for 20+weeks, man i should stop i'm fucked. (Remember thoses could be gone only with decriminalisation…)

  9. I am a 5'9 male weight about 155 with an 8/10 metabolism speed i'd say. I smoked 2gs in the course of 3 days. I drink about 1L of water a day which makes me piss straight clear 200 times a day. How long until the weed is out approximately ???

  10. Ako po nag.last weeds ko po nung sep .29 tpos nasundun ng oct29 may urine test kme nung nov.6 sa tingin nyu po wala nba sa system ko ung t.h.c
    Translate nlng po ninyo sa google tanks sa reply.

  11. Ive been high ALMOST everyday for 2 years but mainly edibles. Prob once a day at times up to 2x a day. Ive stopped all consumption about 2 months ago. I am 21 very active with workouts and 192 5ft10 mainly muscle. Do u think i have any left in me?

  12. I passed a home test the night before i took 2 hits 24 days before my test and didnt smoke for a few weeks before then. Im tripping still tho.

  13. i have the answer. sweating, pissing, shitting, staying away from dairy and anything high in fat, sauna, and exercise. if you want to pass a drug test, do those things for 14 days straight and you will pass.

  14. ok so i have been clean for 4 months and I smoked 2 blunts. I have an extremely fast metabolism and i weight 114 lbs, 5,11, and im in marching band so I already piss like 5 times and day, sweat a fuck ton and drink lots of water. when should I be clean?

  15. Marajuana is the flame, heroin is the fuse, LSD is the bomb. So don’t you try to equate liquor to marajuana, Mister, not with me. You may be able to sell that jazz to another pothead, but not to somebody who holds some sick kid’s head while he vomits and wretches on a curbstone at 4 in the morning. And when his legs get enough starch into them so he can stand up and empty his pockets, you can bet he’ll have a stick or two of marajuana. And you can double your money he’ll turn up a sugar cube or a cap or two. So don’t you con me with your mind expansion slop. I deal with kids every day. I try to clean up the mess that people like you make out of ’em. I’m the expert here, you’re not.

  16. Washington is using blood tests that can detect active cannabis within 2 hours. Oregon is claiming that this is too expensive and is using urine tests combined with "drug experts".

  17. THC sticks to your fat cells. the more fat cells you have the longer it stays in your system. if you stay active and drink LOTS of water the help it circulate in your body you will piss it out faster. and if you sweat it will help remove the toxins faster. so it depends on the person. if you have to take a test and you been smoking and not been active they say not to exercise the day of or the day prior because it makes the THC release from the fat cells and will show up in you urine. you must be active for a week or two before the test to have a better chance of having a negative test result.I'm usually clean in 10 days and I'm not fat so…I kinda know what I'm talking about the military sent me to a course to conduct urinalysis and to be substance abuse guru

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