How the Brain works, and responds to Marijuana (THC)

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  1. The only thing inaccurate about this video from what I can tell is saying that the "high" of THC is because of dopamine, it isn't. The dopamine release just means your brain is learning its "good for my survival" or "reinforcing" or "rewarding." That's the entire point of the "SEEKING" dopamine system/striatum in Panksepp's terms. This is a slightly old view of addiction. The subjective high from THC is due to GABA dampening affective states and sensorium, slightly up and down alterations in serotonin flow and other catecholamines, changes in blood flow throughout the brain, increased oxygenation, etc.

  2. GREAT video! Have some questions though. Is THC molecule considered a substrate? a competitive inhibitor? cause it does compete with the endocannabanoid molecule, inhibiting GABA from stopping the release of Dopamine, and the cannaboid receptors are the enzymes? I'm learning about enzymes in my biology class. I'm just wondering if I'm understanding this correctly. Thanks!

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