How To Grow Cannabis Part #2: 1st Feeding For Seedlings + 2nd Training On ZkittleZ Auto#SP3000 #ILGM

Time to give the seedlings some food. Then we will do some more Lst and defoliation on the 5 week old ZkittleZ autoflower. This Video Is For Adults 18+ ONLY.


  1. Bill about how often do you have to go in and revise the training? Do you do every day or maybe every other day? Or would you say it just depends on the specific plant?

  2. So bill , have you tried the kool bloom . I now use maxibloom because of you , thank you . I tried maxi grow , what do you think about that one. And recently thought i would try the kool bloom .

  3. Hey bill pat from Dallas to,watching you on this video & will follow the Master ! Thanks again on the right wattage & light to produce beautiful started in 2008 I saw , crazy amount plants over those years ! And you don’t talk too much ! Be safe ☮️😎

  4. @Bill Ward……hey Bill, why do you prefer Auto`flowerer`s rather than Feminized seeds, do you get a quicker harvest? and what is the difference in hours when you are in veg to when you are flowering?

  5. Biggest question I have is how do you know when to water again as i watered my plants and two days later they still felt moist and i'm like okay do I water or just wait to the medium dries out a lil more and then water again, i feel like half a litre feed at a time for the size they are would be fine as their in 3 gal pots, now they aren't under lights i might add just sunlight so they may just not be transpiring enough.

  6. Bill. U seen such a humble gentleman who's is gifted with growing the healthiest,prettiest looking plants iv seen. Amazing, such dedication you have for them. You really do know your stuff my friend. Iv watched majority of your videos and they have helped me massively through my first growing experience and I must say. Thank you sir! They are really thriving under my marshydro ts600. Coming from the UK.
    Peace man! 👍🏻🌱👌🏼.

  7. Watched all your videos, I have about $500 worth of stuff coming for a budget grow im doing gonna use the mars hydro ts-1000 in a 2×2 tent growing 2 fastberry auto’s by fast buds. If you have any give aways happening soon please remember this message cause im a broke fool any free stuff would be greatly appreciated haha 🤣 Happy growing my friend cant wait for the next episode

  8. Hey Bill! Just wanted to give you a shout out for all the information and kinda how tos- in the training to feeding to everything really. I've legit only every referenced you and made it my goal to try my best to imitate your grow as the results are unbelievable!! I've also told everyone that is interested in growing to watch your vids. I just finished my second grow , three plants. Two blueberry lemon haze autos – 15.6 oz dried weight , and 1 jack herer that was 15.5 oz dried weight. Almost a pound auto ! Kinda cool man and I wanna say thank you and keep it up. Wouldnt of progressed this fast without your teaching. Cheers brother 🍻

  9. Hey Bill got a problem pH problem I'm using filling 5 gallon bucket would 4 gallons of city water letting it air out for a day or two then i ph it down to 6.2 and use half of it try to use it the next day and the pH is back up there a 7.5 the water is coming out of the tap is usually 8.5 and what did he see about 150 why is it why is the pH jumping back up a day later or how can I get the water to stay balanced so I can mix it ahead

  10. I went to the ILGM website and it says nothing about shipping to Canada. I grew my first autos this year and learned from you. But I topped them before I knew it was not a good idea. But it was still good. Outside in big pots. I could have done 2 crops but got enough from the 4 I grew despite topping them. Thanks for the videos and info.

  11. Hey bill how u doin bud, hey man love your vids and have learned a ton from you growing autos, your a beast brother… I have a question that I hope u can answer, I'm growing 2 old time skunk, 2 pineapple kush and a critical purple, all autos… plants are flowering all between 2 weeks to 6 weeks… well yesterday they looked beautiful then this morning there must of been 40 leaves that turned a copper color, theres red spots on leaves… not all plants affected, just the ones that were touching it so 3 total so far.. the stems to the leaves are dark red…. idk , I just flushed every plant and separated the one I believe is the cause.. any chance you've had this problem and can u give me some advice plz!!!!! Thanks bill…

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