How To Low Stress Training Marijuana Part 1

How To Low Stress Training Marijuana Part 1 is a video all about low stress training. Low stress training is an easy and super cheap way to train your plants for …


  1. Thank you for this ! Best video I have seen. So once plant is tied over to one side of your point and it grows back towards the light. I understand you said to keep it all even. But once plantbgets baxk to the middle you would just continue to keep the branches tied down right through rest of grow ?

  2. Do you have to move the wires at all during growth? Or can you just leave it like that once youve bent the plant horizontally? Aside from the occasional new stem that tries reaching for the stars

  3. Have been looking for a video like this!! Thanks for explaining and showing so well. How many weeks of veg or how big should the plant be to begin low stress training?

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