How to make The BEST Cannabis infused Gummy bears

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  1. Hello my new best web friend. I made some gummies using your recipe. I changed a few things. I used Sunflower oil to make the tincture. I also used none flavored gelatin instead of Jello. They turned out nice, but they are a little oily. M mixture was also very thick. Should I use less non flavored gelatine. Or add more water. Any suggestions? Also I was wondering if when I am making tincture, can I lie the mason jar on it's side. My slow cooker is not tall enough. Thank you. You are the best. Peanut butter cookies next.

  2. Hello, I noticed I can’t see your video for the hard candy anymore. I have the recipe saved but was just wondering what the temps are, what temp to heat it to and also what temp to cool to before adding my tincture

  3. Greetings, I've just harvested my first plant and it went about as well as it could've gone !!(very happy with the results) it is a quality product and I'm anxious to put it to work. I can not use it due to my job but my wife REALLY enjoys it and recently my mom has gotten positive results from some gummies that I got for her. I've been scouring youtube looking for some knowledge and you seem to be my kind of people and seem confident in your process so I'm going with your tutorial for my first attempt at gummies. I plan to make tincture so……….
    Whats your favorite tincure from your videos?
    How many gummies (regular size) does a batch yield?
    Are the gummies fragile (ive had them melt on me under not very stressful conditions)
    Any feedback is much appreciated.
    Thank ya much

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