How to Smoke Hash Marijuana Tips & Tricks w/ Bogart #17

(Age 21+) How to Smoke Hash Marijuana Tips and Tricks with Bogart #17 Find supplies in our Amazon Affiliate Store: …


  1. So when you do the knives use the bottom, cut some holes in it and then pack the bottle with ice and push the bottom back in. So it’s nice and cool smoke when it’s goes down. It’s the best way.

  2. Fwiw ..In the mideast traditionally you want a clay or silver bowled pipe and a tiny flame . the silver pipe transmits heat ideally. The clay bowl is very thin There's a square plate you place the hash on ..

  3. Those chunks he is using are way too big. Such a waste. He could get at least half a dozen single hits from one of those chunks. Mash those knives together flat for an explosive hit. What they are doing shows me they don't know what they are doing.

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