I took CBD for one week! Does CBD work?

I took CBD for one week all in the name of science! CBD has become very popular in the health and wellness scene, claiming to speed up recovery, reduce …


  1. You should just quit caffeine all together. That will help with your sleep 😀

    15mg cbd drops help me with sleeping and with managing my adhd.
    But instead of trying to fix the symptoms just fix the root causes, such as caffeine.

    I stopped drinking caffeine a while back and I dont take cbd or anything else now 😀

  2. Nice! What dosage did you try and would you try a stronger one another time? Also, would you try a different form? I guess patches are slow releasing so lasts throughout the day and maybe why you didn’t notice too muc but say you felt anxious all of a sudden I wonder what the experience would be taking it from a dropper or a vape?

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