Identity Theft

“Identity Theft” is the thrilling true story of Michelle Brown who accrues over $50000 of debt after her identity is stolen.


  1. October 2020- I never thought I had anything to worry about, but note: If there is Anyone who has access to your social security number/ family member-friend, get a credit report run and or talk with one of the credit bureau's, I was told that my credit was run in Oregon in my name along with another state, I have the address and I know who the thief was that did it. I am just now getting over the intrusion of them thinking that was ok. Fortunately, after talking with the credit bureau's and knowing who it was, also knowing they have access to my information because when my mother passed she has always had our information, and that is where they got it before, but none of them can use it again now because the credit bureaus have it noted and security lock. So, if anything gets opened in my name, guess who they are going to. Thank You- <TransUnion, Experian, Equifax> <3
    I am sharing this because it was F#@$ing hurt to hear. I have worked hard alone to establish great credit. I found this out about a year ago, that it happened maybe 10 or 15yrs before. PROTECT YOURSELF! you never what to find out the way I did.

  2. I can tell that Connie was trying to be someone she wasn't and couldn't face the consequences for the crimes that she committed which explains the reasons why she was suicidal toward the end of the movie. I think their is a good reason for her name being Connie (Con) like a ex convict get it! If you know that identity theft is a major crime don't attempt the risk especially handing over to a application with your personal information to a unknown employee who works for the individual who was suppose to key it into the computer! 😡

  3. There is another movie like this, but at the end the victim locates perp really ill in a hospital bed. The perp thinks she is coming to be her friend, instead she takes her pillow and suffocates the perp.

  4. Very informative movie, indentity thife is no joke it's awful people don't really relize how hurtful it is and stressful and with the internet now and days it's crazy they need a special task force just that

  5. I'm very weird about my accounts. I check my accounts everyday. One time, a $7.69 came from jersey and i'm in atlanta and never been, I closed the card and got a new one. CHECK YOUR THINGS EVERYDAY!

  6. I find it quite a let down that Connie wasn’t even charged for the identity theft!!! The other charges should have added to her sentence. She basically got away with it!!!! Partially making the real Michelle Brown have to constantly worry about what will be next, what needs to be taken care of next, being accused of other crimes, ect. It’s being mentally and financially raped. Will she ever trust others again? My heart goes out to her!!!

  7. This movie…
    In '04 the 3 digit code was required before being able to make an online purchase. That was left out here.🙄🙄🙄
    Connie showed up at Michelle's house and Michelle and her man just let her go.🙄🙄🙄
    The Hollywood spin is always insulting to our intelligence.

  8. Theft always thinking they have right , attitude and personality illness is severely problems for United state, they don’t thinking take it a little bit from somebody is problem, they think they’re Problem is somebody make they’re problem.

  9. I wonder what Connie in real life doing these days.. I hope she watches this movie and sees what went wrong and lives better life. I feel kind of bad for her. She must have had a tough life. We can’t forgive her crime but I really hope that things turn around for her and live her life.

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