Indoor Cannabis Growing Tips: Optimal Genetics & More / Kyle Kushman / Green Flower

What makes one cultivar better suited than another for the outdoor growing environment (and vice versa)? Award-winning breeder Kyle Kushman discusses …


  1. Indoor and outdoor is two complete different things. I grown the same strain outdoors for ten years. Finally tried it indoor and it was tpootally different structure. A lot more leaf outdoor.

  2. After having grown a little bit outside, I don't ever want any cannabis bud that's been outside unless it's had netting around it.
    It's amazing how many bugs and junk get blown into and caught by the sticky buds. It was enough to gross me out. 😁

  3. I am learning so much on how to grow correctly watching your videos! Before it was trial & error! Now I'm refining my skillset! Thanks SO MUCH! Keep these videos coming. You guys are AWESOME!

  4. Oh boy i had such big ass plants in scrogg outside in #2018 361-square feet & 8 feet high. Yielded: 45 OZ & 59 OZ in 36 Gallon bucket's

    Genetic was Early skunk bij Seni seeds dutch. ( its a late seasener but 6 weeks of flower and you are ready to go )

  5. Forgive the newbie. I am at July 22. I have white hairs popping at shoots and the tops appear to be starting to cluster. I am outdoors, in So Cal, with Chemdawg and Monster Cookies. If veg switches to flower mid Aug. am I running early into flower…??? If YES, should I switch to flower fert or stay one more week in veg…:-)

  6. Mr Kushmans neighborhood (mr Rogers inspired r.i.p.) would be great walking into a set surrounded by luxury and one plant of every grow stage for on hand demonstrations, a old school table top model of a indoor grow building and a outside grow farm and a few indoor tent grows with live pieces that move for demonstrations, jars of buds on the wall in mason jars like it’s a food show or show the infused side of cooking wit cannabis for demonstrations the list goes on.

  7. My man…lol. I’ve been trolling your words of wisdom for a couple of years now and I love what you do. Nice laid back, very, very informative. Did I say very…lol. I’ve had to move outside at a personal use only level. Last few years have been successful…ish. Enough to take care of family, friends and have enough to get me thru to the next harvest…which is July on. I’ve adapted several of my grows based on Kyles suggestions. Last year netted us enough to call the medicine cupboard the vault. Looking forward to enjoying those in the next few years as my stock grows. Like wine right…lol. Keep up the great work Mr Kushman…

  8. Love your videos. I just started a 1 plant grow. The seeds say Palm Beach Sour Apple Diesel x Rogue Mango. From the Rogue mango series at The Seed Source. The seed sprouted and I intend on using a beginner, budget hydro set-up. My tent is a TopoLite 20"x20"x48" 600D Grow Tent Room Reflective Mylar Indoor Garden Growing Room. The grow kit I can afford is the Complete Hydroponic System DWC SELF-Watering Bubbler Kit # 3-4 H2OtoGro Any feedback will be appreciated.

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