Is Cannabis Bad For You?

Is Cannabis Bad For You? *NEW* CHANNEL – Fortnite Central: Marijuana, otherwise known as weed or cannabis, has a pretty bad rep.


  1. So many stupid kids and close minded assholes in this comment section talking out of their asses, they don't know shit about cannabis and don't even bother to get informed and change their point of view.

  2. I'm probably going to get some hate from the Stoner's out there, but I just don't see the point in marijuana. It's not good for you, now is it as bad as people say? Well I don't know, never had it and probably never will. You see my problem with it is that I have to smell it. My neighbor smokes weed and I can't stand the smell. And let's be honest, how intelligent are high people? Not very much. And now Driving while high just seems like a great way to cause more accidents. Great job Stoner's!

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