Is it Okay for a Christian to Smoke Marijuana?

A handful of states allow recreational use of marijuana but is it okay for a Christian to use it? Subscribe on YouTube to get new videos each weekday: …


  1. As a Christian, I strongly disagree with you. When you said, “as far as I understand”, you are implying you have never tried it which means you are speaking(or preaching) from a position of ignorance. That is not fair to your followers. Worse than that, your completely wrong in your claims. Marijuana is no where nearly as powerful as your claiming it to be. Alcohol is far more powerful. When you say marijuana is mind altering, what exactly do you mean by by that? Caffeine and Sugar are technically mind altering too. Ever had a sugar rush, then crash? Ever felt that jolt from 2 cups of coffee? That is a result of altering the brain chemistry. While coffee gives you a jolt, marijuana delivers a relaxing feeling. If you want to say one is okay and one is not, that is your Man-Made rule but I strongly disagree. Marijuana effects people differently and it is not for everyone. Some people don’t like it, can’t handle it, or are convicted they shouldn’t. That is totally cool. But for those who want to it enjoy it responsibly in moderation, I see nothing biblically wrong with that.

  2. I’m totally against marijuana for recreation but many are living in pain like me and marijuana helps in small amounts and is not poison lime opioids which I believe is the worse thing , it’s trash poison and destroys lives , thank you Lord you helped me get off opioids, trust in God pray about everything you do

  3. So if someone who has to take opioids like I did is ok but marijuana that 100% better for our bodies is sinful I pray about this but I live with pain and I won’t take opioids again I. An use a small amount of marijuana and it helps I don’t get stoned out of my mind so it’s not a yes or no idea it’s case by case , I trust in Jesus for everything and if he leads me to quit I will

  4. 1 Corinthians 10:31-"Therefore, whether you are eating or drinking or doing anything else, do all things for God's glory". Can you really say you are doing all things for God's glory, if you have lost control, of your senses, and actions.

  5. Wow I live in Colorado also and I'm a Christian but definitely not in the typical since anyway I use cannabis concentrates whixh is vaping. I do this on the daily because I have mental issues, concentration problems, depression etc.. but I also have back problems and have grown up around black mold alot. Using cannabis helps me get through the day. I don't smoke it to get high. High is not a word I like to use. I feel normal when I use it. The misinformation in this video is so very sad. Alcohol can alter your mind just as fast depending on strength and intake. Cannabis has been proven to help people. Some people may not have medical card for it so they have to go to a recreational store. The only big difference is mainly price. You get it cheaper with a medical card. This is again very sad. The devil tries to make all things that the Lord created look bad. God Bless.

  6. I posted this on my FB page and it received a lot of attention. Unfortunately, some of the comments on my page counteracted the real message. I felt like the negative comments would be the only thing people would see so I removed it. Could I email the pastor who gave the message to talk to him in a more private setting than here?

  7. A very good explanation for the use of not only pot but any mind altering substance which I think could also include alcohol as well. Being of sober mind should have been hammered into me 45 years ago. I could continue but to do so would require me to write my autobiography. Praise be to God who treats us with patience.

  8. no it is not right for Christians to smoke marijuana, pot, weed, cigarettes, pipe.
    the verse mentioned about the glass of wine , we need to dig deeper into scriptures & see the reason behind why the glass of wine was mentioned.

  9. Would like to get this book. And thank you for today's message. It hit home really hard. My fiancée and I are on rocky grounds and unsure if we're staying together, me,because he smoked pot and lied about it. Him, because he feels unappreciated.

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