Issues in Canadian Legalization & Regulation of Cannabis

Originally Published on Feb 7, 2017 by The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC “This comprehensive program …


  1. That's why you smoke a couple hours before work yes the Cannabis would still be in your system but their effect it will give you will fade away it's like alcohol once you wake up in the morning your hangover is gone give me the few hours in the bus effects of cannabis is gone it won't have an impact on your daily job but I do agree with you they shouldn't smoke on the job you should smoke couple hours before the job so you can be aware and not be impaired the Cannabis might be in your system but after a while the effects from Cannabis goes away there's nothing wrong with cannabis at all

  2. Exactly it makes me mad that the government don't want to listen to scientists either that pisses me off and Donald Trump had lied about making medical happen instead he's taking away and going out to innocent people which I think is wrong

  3. Hell yeah I think that's messed up for example you shall not drive with it it's like actual medicine you drive with pain pills in your system hell no it shall be the same way with cannabis but then you complain with people that take pills and drive probably not and that stuff is legalized and that stuff kills everyday cuz people really overdose you cannot overdose on cannabis

  4. What does the government involve it's self in that it doesn't fuck up, one strain isn't always the same the dumb cunts need to study the difference between sativa and indica, the only problem with weed is flash dumbass people get stoned at work we don't give a fuck what you think

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