Keto for Cancer and Mental Health, & the Metabolic Health Summit 2019

Keto Consult #12, This week Jennifer and I talk about my experience at the Metabolic Health Center 2019. I was able to hear some really interesting lectures …


  1. "Dr. Boz went to a conference and saw excellent science…"
    Is not something I can bring to my Oncologist.
    Please direct me to the actual sci journal reports.

    Why can't you say the names of these researchers?
    Dom D'Agostino

  2. From Camano Island WA. Been fasting 12 hours and eating between 10:00 and 6:00. Started exogenous ketones twice a day but the ratio isn’t always below 80. The insulin is between 86 and 92. If my ketones are high enough I got under 80 a couple of times. Have been on a stall over a month.

  3. Loved that one line Dr Boz used in the beginning (:40) about having a week of Obstacles and Opportunities! What a postive way to look at things; that facing obstacles gives one the opportunity to grow. Gotta remember that i hit my obstacles this week. 😊

  4. Dr. Oz was on Fox News today claiming that Keto causes atrial fibrillation which leads to more incidence of stroke. He said there was a study on this but of course, didn’t mention the facts about who is doing it where it is or will be published. If he is offering this information he should back it up with the study evidence, don’t you think? Have you heard anything about this study? Love you Dr. Boz. Love your enthusiasm.

  5. South Alabama. 2 months in keto. Started to fix lipids and metabolic syndrome. Mostly carnivore now and intermittent fasting 16-18. Lost 14 pounds will get bloodwork beginning next month. Also hypothyroid non auto immune 6 years. 100 mcg levo. Thank u both.

  6. I wish I could have gone to the Metabolic Health Summit 2019. I would have been in my glory. Everything about the human body, after 30 years of working as an ICU nurse, fascinates me and I I still get excited and am so passionate about what the human body can do. I totally get the CREB cycle and and I share the mitochondria enthusiasm with you Dr. Boz. I just have a quick question; haven't we learned that after about 2 years or so on the Keto way of life that our body are now trained to automatically go for the fat burning mode for energy first? If this is so, why have some people, who I have heard have been on this diet for so long, once they step away from it for a day they gain weight?

  7. Dr Boz you and Jennifer and John have helped so much, thank you!! Would you please do a talk on exercise with keto? There was a convo where you briefly talked about it with Jennifer. I would like to know more on that please and how it impacts autophagy. Many thanks from Atlanta!! 🙂

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