LINCOLN'S SEIZURES 😢 // FINALLY Seeing the Doctor!!

Continuing to search for answers about what is causing Lincoln’s seizures, Amanda finally got to meet with the neurologist before preparing for a week in …


  1. Hi jude you are such an amazing handsome young man, you are truly a reflection of your parents, and i guarantee you God will reward you. Stay awesome and cool!
    Love you all miller fam.❤

  2. Beautiful family. Lincoln reminds me of my youngest grandson. He is adorable all your children are. I wish I could hug Lincoln so much. Thank you for sharing your family. You are truly blessed.

  3. How long this he having a serizuer how long this he been a disabled there are three boys and three girls on your bed the is six he can hold the spoon right he to your husband need to be feeding he still wearing a diaper what size of diapers he wears you have a big faimly something to eat are to drink

  4. My favorite you tube family 👪 The Millers i love you guy's so much. Thank you Amanda &Stephen for letting all of us be apart of your family and your journey with ur beautiful family.God Bless you.💝🌺😊

  5. just go through several videos about Lincoln, he is really lovely(招人喜欢), a little fat but hit the point. How exciting it would be if he can walk and talk.

  6. If anyone smiles and look at me the way lincoln does when u were putting on his braces, i will melt into a puddle and squeeze him real tight omgg babyy linkyy❤❤❤❤

  7. Sou brasileira e acompanho todos os seus vídeos e lindo o amor é carinho que vocês tem por esta criança especial❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤

  8. Praying for Lincoln's healing right now, dont stop praying and declaring health over your baby boy. God will move his hand on Lincolns favor🙏the creation still obeys HIS voice, HE is the same God that calmed the storm. May your faith grow stronger every day.

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