LIVE: 2020 Vice Presidential Debate – Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris

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  1. How does a women who had to drop out of the primary because of LOW support numbers gets to run for US Vice President? Kamal is a primary loser. Total demonstration of corruption in the Democratic Party, as usual.

  2. All the planets are getting warmer, stop the fear. Wake up to the lies. Only virus that was handled this way. Virus is inventesimally small a mask is like a chain link fence in defense. Trying to bring in the New World Order. GEORGE SOROS IS PAYING PROTESTORS TO COME IN ON BUSES TO BURN ASSAULT. Democrats stop the false fear based lies. China sent the 19th strand of the Corona virus from the Wuhan lab paid by Obama with our money. Corrupt officials need to exit.

  3. Kamala what about the segregation issue that bad you seething during your debate with Biden. Did you sell out to be his running mate. You have a lot of rage for him and you know he is frail. I see you as an opportunist. You know you can't win due to your bowing out. The radical force in you can be seen a mile away. Stop trying to hide the fact you hate America.

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