Make Your Own Vape Carts! Marijuana E liquid Tutorial: Make Cartridges from Wax!

Learn how to turn your concentrates into a safe, high quality, vapable E liquid that tastes better than anything you can find in a dispensary! This is the 1st part of a …


  1. To the 28 special people who gave you a thumbs down clearly do not understand how simplified you made your video.
    I personally would like to say thank you for your instructional video.

  2. I'm having trouble with getting the live resin to the right consistency when it cools. What am I doing wrong? Do I just need to add more viscosity booster or heat it at a higher temp. for longer?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. I'm confused because from my knowledge butane does not extracts lipids and waxes only co2 extracts all. At 1:25 you can see this is not the process for bho its closed loop co2 extraction method

  4. Thanks for the video demonstrating terp liquifying, really gonna pair well with my heat press 🙂 Just gotta experiment a bit to see what kind of fats are left over from the press.

  5. I had high hopes for the expert opinion behind these videos up until I heard they sell boxes with "E.J mix" which is a toxic PEG based liquidizer product that thins your oil way too much making it less potent than flower. Seriously time to update your videos bud

  6. So the extra terps u added to thin the bho gets cooked off? I'm worried about trying this since they say too many terps is bad for you and recommend 1 drop per gram

  7. I use to get this yellow propane wax and it made excellent carts with Turpines and it cause it to liquify without much work. I’ll have to try that oven method. I was making mine for quantity.

  8. Was tired of not knowing what i was smoking on and decided to see what it takes to make a wax cartridge of your own. One youtube search and lo and behold one of the most informative and helpful videos on the topic! Thank ya kindly sir, youve sold me on the kit aswell. 🤘🏼

  9. Hey, I made 4 carts at the same time using the same live resin and only 1 came out really clear and not yellow and maybe 1 has clear separation i assume wasn't mixed well enough. Why would some be more yellow than the others? Is it the extra fats and stuff should i have decarbed it more? I kept them all in at the same time, same weight. all had same amount of drops each of ej and terps. Just trying to understand the process! They still work well.

  10. hey so i was wondering if the method would be the exact same with live resin, im aware it would be kind of a waste bc you would be burning off the terps in the decarb process, but would it theoretically work the same if i added terps?

  11. Hi bro! thanks for guide me this far, i bought my starter kit last week and i have an very important question: how to deal with plant particles in rosin extractions? i will produce my cartridge just with rosin, please clarify that spot, its very common that home-made rosin have some plant particles Thanks again, i hope you can help me with this one!

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