Making CBD oil with 99% isopropyl alcohol part 1

Making CBD oil with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol instead of Everclear. Part 1.


  1. In NZ after harvest we smoke the buds and use all the leftovers for oil we don't throw away anything all the green leaf all still has thc crystals extract all thc get gold oil I find it hard to brew up my skunk bud like you do buds good on ya y'all get a honey gold killer😁brewing oil in NZ was just a way to do something with all that leftoverleaf instead of throwing it away also we only soak in iso for no less then 40 seconds before colour turns green you get a less amount but a quality amount we get a dark brown then eventually turns into thick goldy brown yummy but this is a completely different technique to ours

  2. I use iso when I make oil it's not harmful at all because when It cooks all the chemicals evaporated and what's left is pure oil and it evaporates better then everclear or butane although butane does work very well

  3. Awesome thanks for showing this, I have a heap of trim from my buds that I’m going to use, can’t wait to try it. I have 100 percent ISO that I will be using. 🙂👍👍

  4. Hi ,
    I have just tried to test my old rice cooker , it has two settings , cook and warm , but when I filled it with water it only boiled up to about 180 degrees , I think for rso it needs to get to 240 degrees , can u tell me if this is because I was boiling pure water and not isopropyl for the test run or do I need a certain rice cooker , thank you

  5. you make oil with butane or propane then purge it. Alcohol will leave you with 99.9% Chlorophyll 
    the professionals stay away from alcohol, its impure.   where butane ot propane just leechs out on its own after 15 in the oven on low…

  6. I admire the fact that you genuinely enjoy what you do. Your attention to a clean working environment speaks volumes of your passion for natural medicine. Keep on keeping on.

  7. And, always do this outside; never do it inside or you could blow up your house from the fumes in the air if, you were to light up the stove or a cigarette. I am now buying it from an awesome company that has a patented technology for extracting the CBD from the hemp.

  8. Using a countertop distiller is a safer method when using ISO. Plus you can reclaim the alcohol. Using the distiller reduces the amount for final processing on a hot plate or let sit for 24 hours.

  9. I read a lot of of comments saying the ethanol bowl and hemp should be put in the freezer for cold extraction so that it would pull less "unfavorable" material such as waxes, chlorophyll etc.

    Wouldn't you want the chlorophyll and everything from the plant? We learned that isolating things such as CBD isolate or thc distillate doesn't give our bodies the full benefit and that it is better to have in combination with all cannabinoids to produce an Entourage effect. I don't know what the answer is but I'm hoping someone knowledgeable can explain.

  10. Decarbolize for 26min @250f > let cool > put in freezer along with solvent (separate) for a day > mix and mash for 3min > strain immediately to catch plant wax > measure amount of solution > distille until most of alcohol has been recovered (or boil off) > add roughly 8 drops of water to left over solution > continue until reaction is nill. (180f for boil off, 120°f for final)

  11. I what to make a cbd tincture for my daughter using my oil, is this possible? Should I add some safe alcohol (like vodka) to my oil or would it not be strong enough to thin the oil for a dropper bottle? Any help from anyone would be great thanks

  12. 99% isopropyl alcohol is just fine to use as long as you follow the directions like Rick Simpson does it and cook all the alcohol out at the end and add the 10 drops of water exedra at the end of the rice cooker process as the oil begins to thicken. I've used food grade ethanol and isopropyl and Everclear and isopropyl by far as the best and I deal with small pets as well I never had a solvent problem with 90% isopropyl alcohol but I do follow directions and make sure it's all cooked out. I did not like ethanol extraction at all it seem to leave a residue I did not like. Never had an issue with isopropyl alcohol 99% from a chemical place like a pool supplier chemical supplier in your area. You do not go to Rite-Aid and get rubbing alcohol 94% or some BS like that you get isopropyl 99% from a chemical supply house. You cook it on a coffee warmer like a mr. Coffee warmer to warm your coffee cup of coffee and you plug it in and you cook it all night you will not see any activity it will be completely smooth when all the alcohol is gone there are ways to test the alcohol is out as well with a paperclip in a lighter you don't want it to spark.

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