Marijuana allergy can be triggered by toking

With the impending legalization of Marijuana in Canada, there are growing concerns over allergic reactions to pot. Click here for the full story: …


  1. It’s so annoying. I used to not be allergic to weed like now. Itchy watery eyes , itchy skin, and itchy runny nose 😑 so fckn annoying !!

  2. I am in the UK and I am allergic to it. I can even get a strong allergic reaction from people stinking of it on their clothes. I want to throw up and it gives me a headache.

  3. Weed opens portals to other dimensions of reality making you susceptible & vulnerable to demonic infestation. It destroys lives. They don't call it the devils lettuce for nothin.
    It has the power to both heal & destroy people. Some say it even chooses people.

  4. Every time I smoke now the next day I sneeze all day my throat becomes swollen and very dry runny nose but I never use to get these symptoms when I was smoking few years earlier took a break now I get these symptoms

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  6. Just skim past the Anaphylaxis with no information? Bullshit anti-marijuana segment! If true, that information should be spread globally as Anaphylaxis is deadly if untreated within 30 minutes. This video is propaganda.

  7. I think I have the severe form of marijuana allergy, and would like to know if/when a test for it is developed. I have the same reaction whether I smoke it or eat it. I'd also like to know which ingredient(s) I'm allergic to so I can avoid those. Also, I'd like to know if there's anything I can do to counterract or neutralize the reaction.

  8. im allergic bad i found out two days ago. I been smoking since i was 16. I'm 36. I honestly have never really realized it. But im allergic to tons of stuff around me. My theory is that since they have started to grow it locally that the allegens from other plants somehow mixed with the weed and now I'm allergic to weed. SUCKS!!! at least i can breath.

  9. Ok~real question: My husband was grooming/trimming our legal plants. Over some days whilst processing our medicine, he developed the same thing as the man who may have rubbed his eyes. My question is, how do you make it stop? Itching, burning and swollen, with a white pus like discharge coming from the corners (Tearducts) of his eyes~~HELP!! Any suggestions would be most helpful as he is very uncomfortable and says his sight is blurry as well….thank you so much~Kim M. Michigan

  10. I've been an intensive marijuana smoker for 3 years. After i paused consuming it for 2-3 weeks I rolled a joint and I've got an anaphylactic shock. I was at the emergency hospitalization where I got infusion, inhalation and syringes.
    Nur I didn't realize that it was because of the marijuana and i smoked again afterwards and all of this anaphylaxis shit happend to me again but in a worse way than the first time.
    Weed allergy is something real even of you are a frequent smoker. Sometimes it has just psychosomatic roots.

  11. he Wasnt allergic its cause its concentrate and theres Always trace amounts its "not" dangerous at that amounts but Ive seen concentrate that Spark I can guerentee he wouldn't have had that reaction if he ingested twice the amount of Thc in plant material

  12. The dislikes on this video disgust me. Just because someone says one negative thing about Marijuana does not give the right for a bunch of Ill minded idiots to start criticizing reality. A buddy of mine is Allergic and his lungs collapsed, it was terrifying. Dont get me wrong Alchohol Allergic reactions are equally as terrifying but dont try to make a possible danger seem Illagitimate

  13. My roomate went through a really really nasty bout of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis. He was hospitalized multiple times, because he became severely dehydrated. It trigger's cyclic vomiting that WILL NOT STOP. It's absolutely horrific. I am pro-pot, but the dangers of the drug must be discussed.

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