Marijuana and Pain: Is There a Real Benefit?

Today we will be discussing cannabis as it relates to chronic pain and neurological disorders, covering some of the most recent …


  1. I have Fibromyalgia and RA and I find the combination of Gabapentin and Marijuana do the trick for pain…….it also helps tremendously with the constant low level sweating too I experience….drives me nuts more than the pain because it makes me constantly dehydrated. I appreciate your videos….I'm getting a lot of answers to the questions I have.

  2. In my experience and research, cannabinoids have massive medical implications, and not just with inflammation. Neuroprotection, inhibition of tumor angiogenesis, targeted tumor cell apoptosis, and of course the endocannabinoid system itself is full of potential discoveries.
    My moderate levels of neuropathic pain are partially relieved by the right strain of vaporized cannabis. It certainly doesn't work for everything, and it doesn't work for everyone, but I'm glad you covered the topic because it does have much untapped potential!

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