Marijuana Legalization: Frank Crushes George Will

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) dominated an exchange with columnist George Will over marijuana legalization/decriminalization at an ABC debate. The Young …


  1. Dear Mr. Young Turk,
    The reason we narrow-minded, big-gov't loving, in your face conservatives look askance at many social activities of the "left," is that we believe there will be negative social consequences to such actions and, if that isn't bad enough, you'll run from the consequences of your actions and stick us narrow-minded, big-gov't loving, in your face conservatives with the bill. There is precedent.

  2. If the democrats wanted to legalize they could have done so when they had control of congress.Because blacks and hispanics oppose it like they oppose gay marriage. If Frank wants the government to quit setting morality for the american people he could start by getting the EPA off our backs. It is none of the governments business if i want to cut down a tree on my land or build a garage over a frogs nest.

  3. I believe that if someone tries to get someone else arrested for smoking weed, it is moral to kill that person. Anyone who knowingly tries to get another human being sent to a dungeon where they will be raped and beaten for smoking a plant is a monster. I say stomp their fucking head into the ground. They lost the right to live when they decided to take away someone else's right to consume what they want.

  4. Meanwhile, alcohol (liquor) has killed more people (accidents, DUI, overdoses) than marijuana EVER has….and yet booze is perfectly legal for 21 year-olds and over….hypocrisy…

  5. @WildBuck007 Like you know what your talking about? you claim MJ to be such a big bad dangerous drug, yet know nothing about it and just turn a blind eye towards its benefits and focus on its negatives, very clever.

    Im not buying your stories. Its impossible for me to believe such a situations can arise out of MJ. You expect me to believe people who use MJ for recreational use are somehow affecting the people around them?These guys must smoke ALOT. You keep telling lies, I'll tell the truth.

  6. @WildBuck007 BECAUSE IT WONT AFFECT ANYONE ELSE! No one is insane enough to smoke MJ around other people unless they are looking to get arrested.

    If your neighbors smoked "narcotics" (which I don't believe btw) and it affected YOU, then you have the right to call the police and get them arrested simple as that.

    Yea lets keep MJ illegal and have these innocent people get sent to jail over a PLANT. People will smoke MJ legal or illegal, laws don't make any difference whatsoever.

  7. @marijuanagate2health He won't read anything unless he paid to read it!! Big Pharma, organized crime, etc. all pay him big bucks to keep the negative atmosphere going against cannabis. This is a fact….

  8. @WildBuck007 You do understand that Marijuana can be eaten and vaporized? And how many people do you know that smoke MJ around people who don't smoke? When it comes to MJ, me and my buddies go to a corner or somwhere safe, unless we want to get arrested. Your arguement would be perfect against cigarette smokers, but Marijuana? sorry.

  9. @gblueslover2 Would you rather have it still kept illegal? I say fuck it, let the tobacco companies do whatever the fuck they want (not that I want them to do it) as long as it is legalized. We have to move that one step towards legalization first, so we can have a better economy, alot more freedom, less crime etc.

  10. Thank you Barney Frank for not giving in to peer pressure in Washington, like most of our elected leaders who are no doubt serious hard core long term alcoholics in denial. Calling a truce on cannabis will be the beginning of the end of the war on drugs. It is safe, pleasant, and popular, and legalizing it will make Americans more productive, healthier, and happier.

  11. Marijuana doesn't destroy lives, marijuana laws do. Millions of Americans regularly smoke marijuana and live perfectly normal lives as productive, taxpaying, good neighbors. They raise happy, healthy children. They cause no harm to themselves or society. Then their job requires a urine test which shows THC in their system. They can loose everything because of an unconstitutional search, urine test in which they are accused of drug use with no probable cause and forced to prove their innocence.

  12. if marijuana is legal, it wouldnt be sold to the drug dealers that are also selling meth and heroine. instead sold in gas stations and such. so if its legal it would not be a gateway drug.

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