Marijuana Legalization in Colorado: 1 Year Later Signs Are Good!

Recreational marijuana has saved Colorado millions of dollars and reduced crime rates and tax revenue gains from the sale of the plant and its byproducts a …


  1. … Laughing yourself to death over a killer joke is as dangerous as it could never even get in the first place. Legalise it before people get really pissed-off drunk, psychotic, and come after you fuckwit politicians by climbing up your legs with knives clenched in their teeth.

  2. The most important is the effect of cannabis CBD oil on cancer tumors. Recreational legalization of cannabis… Sure, a good thing, but just the tip of the iceberg. As a cannabis smoker I rather see people's awareness raised around the fact that this medicine has the potential to cure so many painful and deadly diseases. I guess I shouldn't complain, but I am, because there IS reason to complain, whether someone agrees with this or not. I consider this a step towards. Don't slack off and just be satisfied with only the recreational legality of cannabis. DEMAND MORE. Don't stop here and get high… ! Don't be just trendy. Don't just care about yourself, care about others (and what you could be accomplishing for all) as well. ¢¢

  3. It's a f'n joke that in 2015, marijuana is still illegal almost everywhere, while alcohol is legally sold and advertised like it's a gift from the Gods. The dangers aren't even close.

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