Marijuana Legalization, Offshore Accounts & Organized Crime

Former Chief Financial Officer for the Liberal Party is receiving significant investments made to his Quebec cannabis company by offshore accounts that have …


  1. What a disgrace that a government person uses their position to make hundreds of millions of dollars eh Justin. His trust fund has 'grown' by almost a $ billion since he took office – how is that possible ?

  2. You would think the bobbleheads behind him , who make a pittance in comparison to him and his slimy globalist friends and criminal "investors " , would at least start to question their own consciences and ethics , if they can`t muster the gumption to question him ! Pathetic ….

  3. Watching these periods with him gets me so wound up. Will he EVER directly and specifically answer questions? No he won't. I have concluded years ago by his actions and what he refuses to answer: he is a pathological liar and hiding his and others criminal intentions/activities. That is why I consider him a criminal, and an idiot criminal at that. He absolutely refuses to tell the truth to Canadian citizens. Look at him smile as he sorts out his response he's going to give. He smiles as he pisses down our backs and tells us that it's raining out. That's what his non-answer to a direct questions is. Think deeply about that, pm trudeau absolutely refuses to tell us the truth! He and his party remind me of the USA Clinton crime syndicate / cabal. I said when he was running for pm: Canadians are getting another Obama. Like Obama and Clinton et-al tried to do to the USA: Trudeau is working at destroying Canada.

  4. There are no alcohol companies that have "questionable" investors? Any criminal can go online and buy large amounts of stock daily, does that make the business criminal? NO!! Suspicion alone does NOT constitute a crime or criminal activity!! Look at the big picture people, this lady needs to give her head a shake

  5. He is evil. 3 canadien have there head cut of he did nada. He turn around an give 10.5 millions to a terro an 30.5 millions to 3 others. Then he excuse the hoax an defende a little girl that lie. Him an is bodys have invested in pot.
    This guy is not a Canadian no values no respect.. He blows moneys he is a machine of deficit .

  6. …and our tax dollars go to this shmo who can't even answer a straight forward question that even a six year old would understand?! I can't wait till this guy is gone.

  7. what an idiot hes going to wipe out organized crime haha what about fentanyl,cocane,meth does he think organized crime is going to go broke no his elitist friends are going to make a bundle the man or is that the peopleman I get confused with his use of the English language hes a traitor to hard working Canadians  bleed us dry you libtards who voted for I hope you look in the mirror each day and reflect what have I done to my country

  8. This only hurts middle class canadians once again, entrepreneurs will have to close down their shops because they cant compete with the greedy crooked economic elites. Also, the previous government had the same stance on Marijuana as the entire world (save portugal, netherlands etc) so you cannot blame the conservatives. We could be leaders in the new industry but the liberals are bastardizing the process and I am not sure if I even want it anymore if it is going to be ruled by big business. In British columbia we already have a culture around cannabis and a frame work in place, greed is going to fuck us all over and ruin it. How hard is it to get this going we have multiple states in the us that we can consult. Incompetent government.

  9. They're called organized crime because they are ORGANIZED!!  You think they don't have offshore bank accounts that they use to launder and smuggle money?  If the PM thinks crime syndicates aren't invested in pot stocks then he's a fool.

  10. I usually watch these and laugh at liberals because of their answers….
    this time, conservatives got it wrong.

    If crooked people own these companies, it doesn't change anything. The government just has to do their own plantation and create stock and voila, these companies become irrelevant.

    Of course, people are still gonna buy from dealers on the streets, but the vast majority will buy them at legal stores if they don't mess up the price…. cause believe me, if i can get good weed on the street at a better price, i'm gonna do it. Quality/Price.

    Don't make it bad quality because no one will buy it from stores.
    Don't make it expensive because no one will buy it from stores.
    And the government has the power to have both. Quality at a good Price.

    On this topic, i'm 100% with liberals. Weed never proved to have any severe repercussions on people. I'd say alcohol is way worse for health…so why is it illegal?

    If the government doesn't mess up their plan to make it legal, there shouldn't be any issues with legalizing weed and on top of that….billions of dollars for years to come …… people will stop drinking by thousands and start smoking cannabis because it's less harmful.

    The question conservatives are asking here is really stupid and if they want more people on their side, they should support legalizing weed because it's gonna make BIG MONEY. (ask Kevin O'Leary)

    PS: been smoking for almost 10 years, engineering graduate, no health issues.

  11. Hard to see the point of question period if no one is ever forced to answer legitimate questions. I have yet to see this idiot answer a single one.
    So disgusted with the liberals it makes me cringe to even watch this pathetic sellout.

  12. What the fuck do we have a Mister Speaker? Why doesn't the Speaker makes him answer the god damn question????
    For those who are libtarts dislike this video!!!

  13. Hahaha ….
    Does anyone even know how much the country throws away into Law Enforcement?????
    Cops are easily the one industry that needs innovation, and not in the technological way.
    It is the least productive of all industries in the country.
    They make politicians look like incredibly hard workers.
    The culture of entitlement and selfishness needs to be purged out of Law Enforcement.
    How can they complain of organized crime in the soon to be legal marihuana business?? Crackdown on that..that is what you are paid for.

  14. This guy is so full of shit!!! Trudeau can't find his ass with both hands! He's rehearsed his speeches for hours in front of a mirror.
    "Those drama lessons are paying off as long as I stick to the script and not really provide an answer to the question… now to pat myself on the back."

  15. Organized crime? His investors want it all for themselves-but don't worry, they'll make small random anonymous donations to help build more supervised injection sites for Canada's junkies too.

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