Marijuana Product Review: GasMask Bong

High times reviewing the GasMask Bong. Save 10% off of one of these fun classic marijuana smoking devices today at using the …


  1. Dude you're taking foreveerrr getting to the review lol do the review and then talk about whatever. lol But you answered my question. Thank you. 🙂

  2. I can just imagine this in fallout. "Well, there really isn't anything to do. I have this pot, I have this bong, and I have this gas mask. Can't take the gas mask off though. What to do…"

  3. My friend has this same gas mask! A cool thing we did was take off the straps and the bowl then get a blunt and put it where the bowl would be. Then from there just light the blunt and inhale n exhale and pass it or whatever!

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