Martins World Episode 10 with Philip Anthony Bevington

Philip Antony Bevington, who goes by Tony, began growing Cannabis plants for medical reasons, when he was diagnosed with stage three kidney failure two …


  1. This breaks my heart. That man does not need all this stress in his life given his circumstances. I hope the court shows some decent human compassion because its an outright joke that they are even trying to prosecute him in the first place. How can them miserable bastards sleep at night knowing they shit on the little guy while he causes zero harm to anyone, trying to boost the quality of life in his final few years on this planet while they plan their future profits with cannabis behind closed doors. Martin, you're doing gods work here, i have so much respect for what you do. Your hard work does not go un-noticed and i look forward to more of your content. Supporting you every step of the way. Bless up

  2. Great video Martin and I take my hat off to Anthony for being so brave in taking a stand against the ridiculous laws that penalise him for self medicating with a herb that has no known side effects i only wish I was as brave as he because I am on multiple medicines daily and morphine for pain relief but they each have their own side effects anyway great video as I said and keep up the good fight 👍

  3. Its one thing the Irish Government taking it away from us, they are years behind the rest of the world, but the UK Government? They literally have acres upon acres of medicinal cannabis growing legally over there ? Yet Philip here is getting done for a few plants? Hypocrites. Gobshites.
    Brilliant interview Martin can see you are genuinely interested in talking to Philip.

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