Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana, also know as cannabis, is the most widely used illegal drug in the world. With an estimated 178 million users just in the year 2012. It was not …


  1. Greeting Dr. Lado, I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you on this. I’m no doctor but I’m speaking from personal experience and things I’ve witnessed. I’d much rather have medical marijuana than my antidepressants and anxiety meds that did indeed make me suicidal after almost deadly car accident. I think the big thing is doctors don’t wanna lose patients and big pharma lose customers. Sad the worlds set up like this, but have a nice day.

  2. Dr. Lado I enjoyed the points that you made regarding anxiety increasing due to the use of cannabis. Suicidal ideation among cannabis users can also be an impact of cannabis use. The increase in schizophrenia and lack of research research in hind sight trumps the validity of the use of cannabis overall. Being a psychiatrist your input on the effects of cannabis on the brain is astounding seeing that the person prescribing such meds do not in fact have the knowledge and implications that you have seen over the years from patients. The products have not been studied or reviewed for quality assurance by the FDA like you shared the study shows no true effectiveness. There is not enough research to conclude that is is totally safe. For persons with true ailments epilepsy , glaucoma etc. I do agree they have found it to be beneficial. Thank you for sharing I will be subscribing to your channel !

  3. Dr Lado, excellent points you make about marijuana. It’s use is sometimes effective in treating migraine. While it may not help during a migraine attack. I’ve been told by certain migraine sufferers that since using marijuana the frequency of the migraines have slowed. In some cases, stopped altogether after prolonged marijuana use. That’s not to refute to your excellent breakdown of needing more research before diving wholeheartedly into marijuana use. Just a fact I think 🤔 is pertinent. Another point is certainly marijuana is not more harmful than alcohol which seems to be readily accepted and used by the general population, including police and the medical community. Best regards, Bill Mitchell

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