Medical marijuana is BAD

The FDA is a conflict of interest … food that makes you sick and drugs that finish you off (soft kill programs) Food is and always has been medicine “you are what …


  1.       It reverses edema, which is a purely medical application- it also decreases vascularization of tumors but not to healthy tissue which is purely medicinal, the other way I know it fights cancer by repairing the p53 gene which causes cell to releases an apoptosis check secretion is comparable to nutritional upkeep as for example a blackberry smoothy can repair some 450+ genes in the esophageal lining tissue restoring normal cellular function.  Many foods will not produce much inflammation, but I cannot think of any that actually fight it other then a type of cactus which has been used as medicine for quite a while- other then some probiotics but cannabinoids also block TNF and ROS- which are the leading cause of arteriosclerosis and most inflammation based disease, that is pretty medical.  If someone has a severe heart attack or stroke (or any ischemia as a low oxygen protectorate) and they took a single puff of a joint three days ago or was immediately administered it after the trauma, they prevented up to 40% of the cognitive loss in the brain and quite a bit of damage to the heart, that is also pretty medical (just do not get stabbed in the heart, and surgeons need be extra wary of incision edges being smooth to prevent scarring as sharp edge corners on muscle tissue will not die and round off as much which can hamper function of the heart, but lets face it you are worse off without it and all heart medication has drawbacks).  It has a immediate blood flow regulation effect on glaucoma allowing more vitamin A to reach the retina and repair itself…

          I still think the term is a farce- its public relations baby steps for the public to take their medicine by accepting the truth about a rich source of vital nutrients which with over 600 million years of evolution still ties us together.  The endogenous cannabinoid system has some remarkable governing properties which allows for all these wonderful benefits and virtually no harm done (other then a nasty cough(which is not even bad enough to qualify a normal person for COPD after half a century of heavy use of filterless low quality pot)) and for everything to act completely locally.  So it has the power to do inverse reactions such as dilation of blood vessels or their contraction, as well as promotion of growth of the vascularization (in a glaucoma eye) or decreasing it (in tumors).  Its medicine that if it works, any idiot can administer without harming themselves, more so then over the counters, but its still medicinal- the real question is proving there is non medicinal marijuana even with recreational use and since marijuana is medicine there is certainly no need for the redundancy- its not been medicated it already was medicine.

         You certainly have some genuine concerns about free enterprise and their corptocracy influencing aspects of it.   So I commend you for being vocal on this subject and it really is keeping your eye on the prize.  I have to argue however legitimate large industry represents huge merits as well as the cons.   The concern is over how strenuously the market becomes regulated.   About a decade ago a RAND study researched into the ultimate cost a free market system full of competition could undercut each others prices while still maintaining a high profit margin comparable to most other business ventures in the production and preparatory work including land taxes, fertilizers, electricity and labor for indoor grown marijuana came to, after conversion to dollars ~$10.50/oz to distrubtors/retailers.   I will gladly have to peruse as I do now for quality and well trusted products amongst the toxic waste rubbish peddled by media whores if that means I can see something close to price which will not heavily burden anyone else- or be responsible for the persecution of non violent peoples.

         Concerns over supplies being being tampered with well, buying corn from mexico is now a crapshoot, but nobody is looking to buy or sell indoor grown hydroponic corn.   Pollen and contamination is a more serious issue which may not have to present itself to consumers who make educated choices in this case.   Ensuring the truth is told is another matter.

        In the end we are in the same position as always- depending on our fellow members of society to be forthright and inspired spread the truth, same as before medical marijuana ever became a hot button issue.  But one step closer to a market which can fulfill the needs of the consumers so I bear little hatred towards the term other then laugh at its use.   I have absolutely no doubt that there are alternative methods of reforming marijuana legislation which would yield superior results, but they are off the table options while we the people are nothing but in servitude to the system and private interests pull on strings.  So I am happy with the advancement but wary that any step forward can booby trapped initiatives that will work against the consumer- either way good to see the talk going on.

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