Monsanto's World of Deception, Greed, and Glyphosate with Carey Gillam

Known as Monsanto’s Roundup by consumers, and as glyphosate by scientists, the world’s most popular weed killer is used everywhere from backyard gardens …


  1. This channel is toxic! Recently I reported it for spreading lies from that food bully Vani Hari [Food Babe]. Please click the three dots above your subscribe button and report this as misleading — text. Our honest hard working American farmers deserve respect, not hateful lies about the fruits of their labors.

  2. Thank goodness FDA and EPA testing of foods no longer finds dangerous levels of Atrazine, paraquat, DDT, fludioxonil, metolaclor, acephate and diazinon. Now they find minute traces of the least toxic herbicide ever formulated, glyphosate, which is 43% less toxic than table salt, and Bt, so non-toxic that organic farmers rely on it heavily. WHAT A DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT!!!! Anti-GMO idiots claim they want to go back to that nightmare list of much more toxic pesticides. Why???? I can't imagine.

  3. GILLAM'S WORLD OF DECEPTION GREED AND CONSPIRACY THEORIES SHE PUSHES FOR THE ORGANIC THUGS – Gillam is an agent for that extreme anti-science activist group USRTK which was responsible for the infamous breakfast cereal media hoax. ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP CALLED OUT by the non-profit GENETIC LITERACY PROJECT

    "Newsweek headlined its article, “Dangerous Weed Killer Ingredient Found in Cheerios, Quaker Oats and Other Breakfast Cereals.”

    These were two of literally hundreds of news outlets that botched coverage of what scientists say is a dubious study of breakfast cereals and granola bars by virulently anti-GMO Environmental Working Group, a Washington DC-based public health advocacy group. The study was well-timed. EWG appears to have commissioned it to roll-out when a California jury was expected to reach a verdict about whether Roundup, Monsanto’s herbicide whose main ingredient is glyphosate, caused a San Francisco groundskeeper to contract cancer. Basic facts The fundamental, consensus conclusion: A bowl of cheerios, or a daily bowl over months or even many years won’t endanger your health. Why? Because we are talking about minuscule amounts of glyphosate—well below the levels that would be considered dangerous. It’s almost certain that EWG would have found trace levels of dozens of chemicals (similarly harmless)—if they had tested for any other chemical. But EWG only tested for glyphosate. For context, let’s review a few fundamental facts. First, glyphosate effectively kills weeds, but not much else. Humans and animals don’t possess the metabolic machinery—the shikimate acid pathway—used by the herbicide to kill plants. That means glyphosate is not metabolized well in the human body, greatly reducing its potential to do harm.

    Moreover, the herbicide is broken down by bacteria in soil after it’s sprayed on food crops and as a result “shows no signs of bioaccumulation in the food chain,” according to California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation. Trevor Charles, a microbiologist at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, added in an email that “Glyphosate is rapidly degraded by microbes, and also absorbed to soil particles. It does not bioaccumulate.” Hundreds of studies, including by the Environmental Protection Agency, have found glyphosate poses no serious health threat to humans. A [150-lb] person in the US would have to eat …. 62 lbs of produce at the highest level of allowed residue every day in order to reach the limit …. 2 mg glyphosate per [2.2 lbs of] body weight per day. This allowed level …. is set [a] hundred times lower than the level for no observed adverse effects …. in the most sensitive lab animal species tested. It is physically not possible to eat enough of normal produce to reach that level. EWG detected glyphosate in breakfast foods in the *parts per billion range (ppb), which is insignificant to human health*.

  4. Anyone reading this – you just had your intelligence insulted by activists who know the click bait word 'Monsanto' is a still a money maker, 3 whole years after Monsanto shut down forever. Conspiratards love to say "follow the money". In this case follow the tangled web of propaganda funding in the organic foods cartel – this is the largest longest propaganda campaign in human history!! Organic industry tyranny for 33 years and counting: "Although GMOs are regarded as safe as their conventional counterparts by every major food safety authority in the world, the organic industry spends nearly $3 billion a year through over 330 different organizations leading with fear and “information spin” as an industry to sell their products. By creating an unfounded fear that requires tighter regulations on GMO crops, they are hoping to force them out of the food supply, thereby creating a bigger market share to sell more products in their more than $65 billion wheelhouse.

    The unfortunate consequence of these [non-GMO] labels is that the food companies and lobbyists tend to create an unnecessary “us vs. them” divide. When food companies use fear against competitors to sell a product, farmers take it personally."

    Now why do you suppose organic food is so expensive?? Imagine what 3 billion dollars could do for humanitarian goals – end a different disease forever every year…. End all hunger in at least one country…… Funding nasty propaganda? Really??

  5. "[Carey Gillam] the longtime reporter, who now works for a consumer advocacy group, is pegged by her detractors as an activist at war against pesticides and genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Critics, however, question her transparency and accuse her of blurring the lines between journalism and advocacy. She published her book while she was on the payroll of U.S. Right to Know, a group that’s critical of glyphosate and advocates for organic foods, and downplayed that fact while overlooking some of the problems with research tying glyphosate to cancer."

  6. Gillam is just another science illiterate conspiratard like Food Babe. The full safety of GMO foods was settled forever in 2016, it became settled science then and all you see now is propaganda, propaganda, propaganda from the organic foods cartel. They never give up, but science truth always wins in the end. Learn the difference between Youtube click bait and science facts.

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