Motivation and Experiences of Wim Hof Method Practitioners

RMIT University in Australia has conducted a survey study, exploring the motivation and experiences of Wim Hof Method practitioners worldwide. This will offer …


  1. I thought you might go over the most showing negative effects too. Unless there aren't any, you should have said that. Still as confused as ever lol. Can't wait until more studies come out! I love the method, we need lots more info out there!

  2. I use to do his method as a 12 year old swimming in the pool. It felt like an instinct. I remember it feeling good and then I just forgot and didn't realize how amazing it was until now. It's fucking awesome.

  3. Я практикую только месяц, случайно узнала об этом методе. Каждое утро делаю перед завтраком дыхательные упражнения. Во первых, это настроение оно улучшилось депрессии как и не было. Появилась енергия её действительно много я не ожидала такого🤗 это приятно. Но безссоница ещё есть. Продолжим работу над собой 😘

  4. My own experience after just my 4th day of using the breathing method. It has done something to almost completely get rid of the inflammation in my knees. I never had a problem with inflammation until I was hit by a truck but have had inflammation ever since with prolonged standing a just trying to be able to do a small amount of what I could do before. There's still pain and still make noise but the pain is less than before also. I am sold on this . Over the counter Pain killers don't agree with my system and I avoid them like the plague.this works !

  5. I’m not gonna lie I am almost in tears. I think I just realized the full impact of this method. I’m losing weight, my mile times went down and my mood is so amazing. Thank you Matto for putting me on game and thank you Wim and thank you all of you for inspiring me.

  6. Where can we find the survey results? I practice the WHM myself, but why not be transparent about your findings instead of just highlighting the positive stuff?

  7. I have done the Wym Hof breathing for about a week… I feel so warm in the cold shower(I gradually decline heat). I breath to feel nice again when I am stressed. The other day I was disappointed in myself for wasting time… instead of really being hard on my self. I just wanted to sleep and think about how silly I was. I was so happy to think about my little error. It's so amazing to feel so happy again.

  8. correct me if i am wrong, in china and japan they use warm water to drink or to have bath. as they says it very healthy other than having cold water to drink or take shower. but in your theory its cold water for shower. please help and guide. thank you Wim.

  9. Interesting survey! I decided to embark on Wim Hofs 40 day cold shower challenge on my Channel! It is crazy how everbody reacts different to cold showers, so far I am on Day 7 and I love it !

  10. Without the breathing I type slowly. This was typed soooo swiftly after a round of breathing😅. And seriously? Breathing rounds and cold showers are slowly and certainly improving my life quality in general!! Bless you

  11. This must be a pinnacle of human achievements. Wim should be honored the highest award and recognition humanity has to offer. I add my support and endorsement. This method saved my life from an absolute mental hell awaiting me thanks to a network of family, peers and work forces I had no support in navigating thru or preparing for. I can't go back and start over but this method can give me another chance to improve for the better. So happy to learn it is dong the same for others. An anonymous cheers to everyone. Best health and a wonderful life to all.

  12. Hello, on February 26 I was attacked by a group of men for racial reasons in Berlin. Since then I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress. I suffer from panic attacks and hallucinations and when I have these attacks, I apply the win hof method that I have seen on the internet and it helps me a lot to stabilize my mind and eliminate panic. every time i suffer the attacks then i apply the win hof method. I am so grateful for this method and its creator that I want to learn how to do it professionally to help other people in the same situation as me and also to be able to stabilize my emotions. since it is just terrifying to panic attacks alone at home. I live in Berlin and I am Venezuelan, if someone please have any information on how I can professionally learn my recovery and then pass on the Win Hof method, then I will be eternally grateful. regards.
    Muchas gracias a la madre naturaleza y a Win Hof.

  13. Wim is the medical Tesla of the millennium. If he resonates with you, that's all one needs. We don't need a consensus of people to agree, this is the disease we must get rid of. Like Ghandi said…."truth is still truth, even if it's the minority of One" seek Not popular opinion, but that which speaks true to your heart.

  14. Wim, any difference if I put cold water shower everywhere else on my body except my head? What's the difference? If I do put cold water shower on my head versus not? Thanks!

  15. I have ME/CFS currently on day 3. While I enjoy it, I feel extremely tired afterwards and my body tries to force me to sleep, sometimes I have to sleep.

    I don’t have any mental health issues or anxiety so I’m not noticing anything different on that front.

    I’ll try it for a month or for as long as it has no negative effects. Really hope this helps me. It’s nice to find something I haven’t tried before after 22 years illness. Thank you Wim 🙏

  16. If anyone beats Corona virus with the Wim Hof method, we could all go back to worrying about heart attacks killing 1 in 3 Americans:( But that would require people change their eating habits. Much more exciting to talk about bacteria…even though that still leads back to diet…hmmm!

  17. Hey guys! I hope any of you could give a light: could the Wim Hof method be dangerous for someone with cardiac arrhythmia? I've been suffering from anxiety-driven extrasystoles and would like to know if the method can help me somehow. Thanks in advance!

  18. Yo WH! Can't you try this method on a Corona Virus patient? .. I mean seriously, you can just do it by Skype, and see if this can help them battle this disease. and sure, if it doesn't work you don't have to publish your results, but if it does.. man that'd be pretty fucking sweet!! 🙂

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