My Experience with Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca ✧ Plant Medicine

The healing benefits I’ve experienced from marijuana, psilocybin, ayahuasca and other plant medicines, when used with pure intention to heal and to heighten …


  1. I had a terrible experience on coca leaf filled my adrenaline so badly and it intensified my feelings really badly and I had disagreement with a friend and ended up like punching him out and he still won't speak to me to this day I tried to explain it was a coca . and an ex-lover had some of the coca leaf and then he came to my home and he was very angry with me and force me to take emergency birth control and our relationship ended when I took the birth control and punched him out it was really bad but it did help in a lot of ways to get me going and get me motivated and to reach higher levels of consciousness I suffer from depression and post-traumatic stress and I really enjoy your post because I'd like to use the medical marijuana to help me to manifest some things and I don't use marijuana frequently I'd say maybe once every year or so and I use it as a ritual so I totally like what you're saying about all these different forms of of therapy with these amazing plants and I'm getting a medical marijuana license very so I'm enjoying reading all of your uploads and I haven't done mushroom since I was a teenager but those helped and changed me into the woman that I am today thanks so much you're amazing !

  2. Just a note. Ayahuasca is not a vine. It is a combination of two plants that grow very far apart from one another which adds to the mystery of how it was ever discovered and how they learned to combine them etc.

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  4. Kathleen you are much clearer than you think you are.
    I've been traveling the conventional path with my VA doctors trying to handle PTSD and Migraines. 10 years so far and it's not working out. My brain is in knots. Back in July I got the idea to try psilocybin. I read three books on it and watched at least 50 hours of Youtube. I figured the easiest way to get them was by growing them. It's crazy, I never have tried to grow anything before. So, my teenage kids are making fun of me for growing Shrooms. Every day I watched the mycelium grow and I watered them and talked to them and formed a relationship with them. I had real hope. One day they started to pin and grow into mushrooms. So beautiful. I took two grams, everything was so shinny. About a week later I decided to try 5 grams . I didn't trip, not like I was expecting. But, the Mushrooms told me that I had to get off the massive amount of psychiatric medicine I was on. It basically said the medicine was blocking my healing. Last week I signed up for a medical Marijuana card. Next I've got to talk to my doctor and get his help. I feel very hopeful. The psilocybin is in me, I take 450mg 4 times a week and things don't bother me like they once did. Got aways to go!

  5. I feel like I’m the 2030’s we’ll start to see the shift in consciousness emerge more as they start to legalize medicinal psychedelic’s in the western world which would spread globally hopefully. Until that time comes, people just have to spread more awareness & education about the benefits of what these plant/fungal medicines can do for mental health plus spiritual development.

  6. I abused a lot of substances in the past, but weed was by far the worst for me. i used it as an escape of course. It killed my motivation and my creativity.
    But I definitely want to use something as mushrooms or acid again, I have very fond and eye-opening memories about those.
    luckily they don't make as much of a hassle here in the Netherlands about drugs!
    they are everywere.
    I wish they would make it legal in the medical branche, because it will help heal people a lot better as the crap they give out nowadays.
    even though that's probably the opposite of what they want.
    Not to be negative of course, I think it's just realistic.
    The world is not so bad of a place after all. 😀
    Oh, and I got another question! what do you typically eat in a day? are you a raw foodie? I am switching towards a more fruitarian diet but I was wondering what your stance is on cooked food!
    Thank you for the video!

  7. I've never taken any drugs of any description ever, and I do not drink alcohol. However I do agree with you and can see the benefits if used properly. I doubt the powers that be will allow the population, to be released from the low level frequency vibrations they keep us in.

  8. I’ll sometimes smoke weed by myself to cope with depression or to give me creative surges. I made my clothing brand design when high lol. I don’t smoke often but it does help with my migraines and I use it for meditation as well so it varies. I agree though it should be used with good intentions

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