Indoor Weed Grow My CANNABIS CLONES‼️ Here is a sneak peak of my Season 2 weed grow! This round I wanted to do all Clones!! Also I wanted to do …


  1. Haha sometimes sorry ass clones come out to be some of the best plants 🙂 my 2 gigantic trees right now looked like banana peels once they rooted lol and I had a little palm tree too that the light fell on and broke hahaha. Love the vids tho! You should check out my channel if you ever get a chance! #growerslove

  2. Iv seen one video of yours and i can tell you why your ratings are so low btw if you dont know who i am I'm a capitalist and if you dont know the secret to a successful YouTube channel I would learn fast this just an fyi if your intrested in knowing

  3. Hey girl! You are getting displayed on my automatic news-site about CBD, Hemp & Growing Cannabis
    It`s an automatic news-site that grabs videos from Youtube according to my keyword searches.
    I am a grower myself, been growing for 25 years, I like your channel and hope you don`t object to getting displayed on my site as well from time to time.
    Keep growing!

  4. If clones have good genetics it really doesn't matter how bad they look or small when you get them.they will grow out of it.

    Sometimes when they get to dehydrated from drying out they don't bounce back.did that one make it, it still had a fan leaf looking like it had a strong chance. When your plants get bigger you might want to take clones.that way u can have some plants ready when u pull those ones.i am being lazy right now,and I am not saying that you are lazy, how long ago did crop.if a month or so you be getting ready for flower.gonna check out your first crop.

  5. Hey, it’s me again. Just coming to give you some more trouble. Nah jk. But on a serious note, I harvested some blueberry that I got from a friend. That shit hermied on me badly, enough bs seeds to open a seed bank. It did give me a huge amount of weed though. I am gonna smoke that because I put my time and effort into that and it smokes smoothly. How ever, I harvested a sour diesel and a northern lights also. I purchased those seeds from a place called Canuk seeds, they sometimes go by the name True North. I also have an Acapulco Gold I will harvest on the 20th of October. I purchased those seeds from Barney’s Farm. Good growing and good harvest to all growmies 👊🏿👍🏿🔥

  6. You just gained a subscriber.. I cant wait 2 see how your plants do, I just started a indoor grow myself so I'll definitely be watching for tips & if I have any questions hope you can help

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