New Medical Marijuana Laws

Oklahoma enacted a new round of Medical Marijuana policies this past week. This story aired on the ONR on OETA-The Oklahoma Network. For more …


  1. This is great news.
    Moving from texas to Oklahoma just for medical marijuana for my ptsd and symptoms without 7 pills twice daily for my anxiety/panic attacks. sad that I was forced to leave my home state for this treatment.

  2. This is a joke what about alcohol oh no let's not talk about that oh it's legal but how much has that played a part in overall damage to families and places of employment! It's all about controlling and harassing hard working people who pay their taxes and warehousing people and making them criminals on paper so the can't get descent jobs. What's the 4th amendment. Why was pot made illegal and why, I bet the haters don't even know and God forbid they bring that up oh yeah do the schools teach history anymore? Let's keep the cartels in the money smearing weed with the heroin and come being brought into the state. Screw politics! This is a old outdated thinking. It's not the 70s people get a clue!

  3. Yeah these political ignorant people making these laws don't know a thing about what they are doing. If they are going to make a grower or seller have to have a gps tracker in the vehicle, then it needs to be across the board where phamacies like CVA and Walgreens have to do the same thing. And that BS about "safety sensitivity" is politicians and cannibis haters attempt to circle around legalities. As was stated. Any job can claim something to be safety sensitive and the cannibis hater buisness owers will indeed make that happen. Saying shelving pop in the cooler is a safty sensitive job and that makes you using your medication, taboo and illigal.

    To the Oklahaoma government.:

    Just stand up and tell the citizens of Oklahoma that you are all gold diggers wanting to line you pocket with the citizens gold and that you all, are as Ignorant as can be about Cannibis, but not about stealing under the guise of laws you make to do so from the Oklahoma citizens. I just had dental work done. and was issued a script for Hydrocodone- Acetamin. While I had to pay state tax as usual when I filled the script, I didn't have to pay a second tax on it like cannibis patients have to. So don't try and deny that you cannibis hater Oklahoma politicians aren't trying to make rules and laws that don't benifit your own pockets.

    The citizens voted for it and by God! you better get your heads out of your backsides. Those of you that don't do so, might find out during an elevction, just how bad the citizens don't want you any more. You changed the perimeters 3 times during the petitioning process. first time you wanted one number before you put it to the house for a vote to put it on the ballot, then you changed it and wanted more and changed it agin wanting more and all three times the petition numbers were met and yet you didn't want to put it to the ballot still because it was known that it would pass by the votes of Oklahoma citizens. I can go on and on about how the Oklahoma govenment has out right lied to it's citizens or twisted a law here and there to get what they want. You mananged to get a 1 cent tax hike and yet things are still a mess . You have now generated massive numbers in dollars from the citizens through double taxation in the medical marijuana guise and still the roads and bridges and other things are in disaray or simply completly broken.

    I for one am fed up with the dummy citizens and the stealing government of Oklahoma. So you can bet that I'll be watching every move politicians make ( I have already for the past year) and come election time, my vote will show who I think are the worse. You work for the citizens of the state of Oklahoma. Do your work correctly or leave.

  4. The issue with medical marijuana and being legal for jobs comes down to the simple fact that owning a business requires you having things like workman comp and other insurances. Unfortanly, these are federally based and they can loose things like the required like workman comp among other things. So what that does in affect is severely limit those jobs where there is a higher probability of getting injured like she said. Since the name of the game in insurance is to make money and not pay it out. If it's a nice chunky or over a long period of time they will make you jump through any hoop they can find to have a reason to disqualify you so of course since it's still federally illegal and not just illegal but it's scheduled in the worst category. According to the government and their ranking system: METH, Heroin, and cocaine are all better for you and less dangerous, are u fucking kidding me!?!?!
    They consider those hard drugs as a schedule 2 drug which means it's illegal but has medical properties and benefits ( half of America is on pharmaceutical meth already anyways just ask to read anyone who takes adderal to read the bottle and see what the name if the drug is not the brand name ) where as cannabis was scheduled as an illegal controlled substance and has no medical properties or values which is a Schedule 1 ranking. What they also acomplished through this and through this and using the schedule 1 was also making it to where no experiments were able to be ran either. Since there is no medical value to the substance, according to them that is, it made it illegal for anyone other then one single lab that grows probably the worst weed in the United States a and they aren't allowed to get new strains that are potent and are actually healing people they are still on weed that has 3 percent THC so they are essentially still growing old school 70s weed. They claim it has no medical value yet they hold the patent for using cannabis as a neuro-protectant because in one of their studies they came up with medical evidence showing that during or directly after something like a seizure cannabis was proved to protect vital brain cells which would have been damaged severely damaged or killed off ( this was found through their studies and experiment and yet cannabis still remains a schedule 1. Talk about straight up hypocracy )

  5. 3:00 Let's be real: This woman is lying. Straight up. It's a fairly short list because °°ANY** job can be declared "safety sensitive." Mind you that the great majority of opiates are written for people working in manufacturing, welding, etc; a vast majority of "safety sensitive" jobs.

  6. The most dangerous risk associated with Cannabis is getting arrested!

    Let's stop fining people, giving them criminal records, locking them up, and seizing their personal property over a plant!

    Hey, we need your support… can you help us out?
    Please sign this petition to completely legalize Cannabis and prevent bans on CBD (industrial hemp flower) in ALL 50 States!!
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