Newest way to Vape looks like a computer flash drive

A small device is causing big trouble for teens, their parents and their school. It looks like a computer flash drive. But look again – it is an E-Cigarette or a Vape.


  1. Everyone in this comment section is just a boomer pretending to be a teen. But really though here are just some of the things bain dead idiots put on here. "Nicotine is literally like caffeine" No? Caffeine doesn't make you addicted to it. "Got to hit that "scare mom" quota for the week" well I guess? "They act like nice flavors are only for kids, like an adult would never like mango or fruit medley 😂" ok who invited Juul labs, inc's lawyer? "what is the dangerous part about this? getting caught?" The only thing dangerous about getting caught is everyone knowing your an idiot. And now the most idiotic thing in this entire comment section: "STFU JUUL isnt even a drug how you gonna call technology a [drug]"
    also I won't be replying to any "arguments" as they aren't real arguments.

  2. I’m hitting a juul while watching this thinking “wtf are these old fucks talking about saying nicotine is the most harmful thing ever and saying it’s a fucking gateway drug” like wtf is wrong with them

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