I use this infused oil for my medicinal gummies and candies.


  1. I make my canna oil with coconut oil in my double boiler and it comes out green rather than brown… is this ok? Would it be stronger if it was browner? Do I need to heat in the oven at a higher temperature? Is the bud supposed to be browner when it is added to the coconut oil? Does the color affect the strength?

  2. "Not for kids to watch" like it's illegal for them to see how medicine is prossesed. This is exactly why people look at stoners diferent. Good job making us look like we doing something taboo.

  3. My apologies, im slow but can someone help me out please with the measurement… can someone tell me how much cannibus to oil/butter ratio as well as how long does said cannibus need to be decarbed for

  4. Thanks for the video. I suffer from Chronic Pain Disorder and I have lived with pain for 34 years. I hate the side effects from prescription drugs, so I started doing research on CBD oil. When you infuse the cannabis with the coconut oil, does it have THC? I just want the relief without the high.

  5. I made a batch of this, 5g of shake, 1g of abv, to 1 cup of cocanut oil, it made me a half qt jar of oil for later, haven't tried it, but I'm thinking it's gonna be good stuff

  6. So , Im whipping up a batch now , I have 1 cup of coconut oil and about 21 grams of prime time buds and 3 grams of CBD buds , so I broke it down without grinding , did an epic 250 degree decarb , but heres the huge question……you do 2 hours , others do 3 and 4 . Ok what happens if you push your oil extraction method more hours , say 4 or 5 total hours , what happens ?

  7. Hello, I would like a bit more information about this process. First how long and at what temp did you decarb the flower? Next what temp was the infusion on the stove top? Last how do you calculate the dose? Thanks.

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