NY Cannabis Legalization Problems

NY Cannabis Update April 2019 ~ Cannabis did not get into 2019 State Budget as proposed by governor. Medical Cannabis Program is BROKEN without …


  1. Gov't does not rep the people, nor did they listen here. As you shared from that article, the BIG BIZ wrote the proposal and the "governor/ruler" simply passed it on. Not new, yet new for cannabis and home cultivation scares the crap out of their numbers game as well. Gratitude for sharing this update with us, stay strong and keep up the good fight!

  2. Plus they're going to charge too much and all the regulations do you really want it legal? I'd only like it legal if I can grow it and I know what's in it and if I want to make dabs I can press my own that I know what's in it. I got some really bad Mario Kart crappy Vape it was horrible. The good one I had takes two Puffs that one takes 10. The good one I had I couldn't have smoked in 2 weeks that crappy one was gone in days. My son's girlfriend is taking management and accounting and she wants to open her own shop for marijuana and I said are you crazy anytime the feds can come and make you devastated our fearless leader was supposed to make it federally legal I cannot believe it's in a category above powdered cocaine that's the truth OMG. I'll smoke to that I can not deal with the stress I'm even thinking about it it's mind-boggling. Lucky when you get really high grades for not a terrible price here in Batavia where I live. Funny when we went to see the Trailer Park Boys it was right next to the giant Weed grow I wish I could see that and I truly Wonder since they don't have enough patients and they're not going to throw it out does it get on the street?

  3. Assemblyman David Dipietro from Buffalo has a Facebook he said the government if you go buy weed legally once it is legal you have to show your ID and they will take your guns he also said if you get medical marijuana they will take your guns if you have a medical marijuana license how are they going to do that but it's true. Maybe that's why they never passed it it's ridiculous! By the way who wants to pay $200 for a marijuana license and I'm entitled to one and I glad I never got one if this is true and I hope the hell it's not because that's a violation of our constitutional second amendment rights not that I don't even know if I could ever get a gun because of mental health issues but probably could. Ever hear about that one go on his Facebook

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