1. Senator Kamala Harris, I respectfully disagree with you and Biden because Philadelphia is under lockdown for rioting and looting much like we saw this year in Democratic Chicago and Seattle this year. Defunding the police means also ambulance emergency response and fire fighters will suffer too. Is this what we really want in our communities? Philadelphia is a Democratic must win stronghold by 70-30 to win Pennsylvania as Dems. I must admit I don't see the answer to police brutality but what I do know making things worse and worst by causing our inner cities to suffer by allowing rioting and looting and not even mentioning it at the Democratic Convention is simply selfish and unacceptable.

  2. If this lady cant even keep San Francisco from decaying, why would I trust her to be president when Joe keels over or retires in a year? I will be voting TRUMP 2020

  3. Here to show support for Senator Harris. VOTE Blue! if you read nothing more.

    Y'all bots and trolls with nothing more to say than a "slut shaming" remark, or some other baseless folly… go back to Russia, and/or consult your ethics, constitutional knowledge, and other basic democratic values.

  4. Now seriously: Donald Trump claims that Kamala Harris is not qualified for the post as Vice President of the USA. Obviously, this requires qualifications. Why is it not needed for the office of President? Trump is a career changer without any political experience. He also has no proper training. He is the heir to a real estate company and a reality TV star. Kamala Harris is a lawyer and senator. Prior to that, she was the California Attorney General. Donald Trump has gone bankrupt with various companies and has been fined $ 25 million with his "Trump University" for fraud. Does anyone know how the qualification system works in the US? From Switzerland.

  5. Joe Biden is a spineless weak liar! His campaign message changes with the turn of a vote! A typical politician! He has ZERO substance and ZERO positive results from nearly 50 years in "politics".

    Total trash. Chameleon Harris is worse!!! She is simply a conniving skank who couldn't earn a respectable position in the Democratic race for nomination. The ONLY reason she is on the scene is because she is black and a woman. Didn't "earn" a damn thing!! These tow monsters are going down in defeat to a true leader – President TRUMP!!!

  6. Looser Donald has turned WH into Corona House. The foes of the free world are laughing, It's a shame.

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