Pennsylvania Dem Lt. Gov. Sounds Alarm About Trump Strength, Makes Case For Legal Weed

Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, gives his thoughts on Pennsylvania’s role in the 2020 election. He also discusses the push to legalize …


  1. Tom Wolf is the only blue portion on my ticket this year! I always hated him but when people where lying about vaping Tom Wolf was like “ this isn’t a vaping nicotine problem, it’s an illegal marijuana black market problem “ it was epic! I voted for Obama then I didn’t vote but I’m voting Trump this year.

  2. Pennsylvania is now MAGA country! Trump is taping in with the way everybody is feeling about the constant Dem/Media making a big sh*t 💩out of COVID! It’s too much! Open the Damn Country!
    I’m voting TRUMP!!!🥊😎🚀🚀🚀

  3. Legalize it. Less criminals crowding the prisons, more tax revenue to help the state instead of drug dealers, more jobs opening in a time of need. It’s win win win all the way around.

  4. this guy is chill, but he just said “people don’t want to wake up and learn what he’s tweeting about that day”

    i’m almost certain that almost nobody cares about that except Leftists and the TDS-afflicted MSM 😂

    i’m pretty plugged in with the news & only find out about his tweets when CNN/MSNBC/CBS/NBC/NYT/WaPo are crying about it bc i’m not sitting at home refreshing twitter all day 😂

  5. When Saagar compares it to big tobacco, I don't think he realizes that you can grow legit weed in your backyard or a grow tent. I really think that's the future of the industry; home craft growers who grow exactly the medicine they want and need. When consumers in legal states realize they can grow a tomato plant that makes $10 of tomatoes, or they can grow a few cannabis plants that save them $500-5000 per year, they tend to make the switch.

    One more big tobacco comparison: There is one ounce of tobacco in a pack of cigarettes. One ounce of cannabis lasts a heavy smoker weeks or months. The negative impact to the body is much more significant to the body for the regular cigarette user, which is an industry which knowingly killed generations of people with their lies. No one has died from cannabis ever. So, not really a great comparison.

  6. Pittsburgh pa .another 4years trump 2020!!! that's what we want here in the city period. not Jim Crowe Joe or bomer gate.and this is not races at all it's reality from a conservative

  7. If Joe Biden loses John Fetterman should run next time around. I'm from PA 1st time I heard him very well spoking, quick on his feet, finger on the dial. Not every issue is a R or D thing for my people. Luv Rising!

  8. John looks like a biker dude, doesnt smile here but he & his wife (our 2nd state lady) are the kindness/most compassionate human beings. John WILL be President some day.. I KNOW, I'm originally frm a neighboring boro where they've resided. He IS such a cool guy & I'm a senior!!!

  9. I gave a few bucks and voted for Fetterman for senate & Lt. Gov. There aren't many politicians in PA with his compassion and first hand work with the people. Among other things, he refused to live in the Lt. Gov's mansion, and opened up the mansion pool to underprivileged kids in the heat of 2019 to play and to learn life saving skills. Did the same types of things as mayor of Braddock/Pittsburgh.

  10. He's right about weed, but there is a problem with large corporate takeovers with the industry. There's already problems with this in states with legalized marijuana.

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