PNES's: Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (Health Guru)

General overview of PNES, or Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures. See more Epilepsy videos at


  1. I have have both Epilepsy and PNES seizures, along with bipolar and other psychological when I was was young my parents just thought that I had a very intense attention span while I was watching or listening the TV or other talking I was having absence seizures during the time and was misdiagnosed I have had several head trauma injurieseven today I still hate going to hospitals they don't understand the difference between non electrical seizures and electrical seizures. They treat you as though you have a disease and not as a person. Has a change my medication back and forth I just hate it. I've been up to 3,000 mg of keppra am pm along with four other seizure medication. I understand why others as myself don't like or stay away from the hospital there is not enough information nor education so you are treated poorly.

  2. I finally have some relief I ve been diagnosed with sudor seizures sins 2018 but when I started having them they were so bad my family thought I was possessed I had then for a full 3 weeks non stop I couldn't even eat ..

  3. I'm just glad this video was made, I've had pnes ever since I was 12, I'm currently 17. They thought it was epilepsy because how it looked and when they would happen the things that happened to me when I was going through a pnes attack showed signs of how an epileptic seizure looks like such as not being able to breathe, I would be unconscious and unresponsive, I'd bite my tongue, injure myself, urinate, drooling or foaming out the mouth, throwing up, being disoriented, etc. But they ran tests and found nothing epileptic and I'm getting the correct treatment I need now. Mine are usually triggered by PTSD, anxiety, and a few of my other psychological disorders. But I have them less often now.

  4. This video is very outdated. It's not that it's a seizure like event that is experienced. An actual seizure is experienced. It's just not due or caused by errors signals in the brain. Our brain waives are very normal. But our bodies go through just as much hardship as an epileptic seizure.
    The aftermath of the seizures ranges from exhaustion, stomach issues, recovery from injuries sustained during the seizure. I can honestly say when I was initially misdiagnosed with epilepsy it was a huge win. I mean all I need to do to live normal life was take a medication daily and the seizures will stop and the nightmare will be over.
    Sadly if it's not epilepsy no magic pill will stop or allow for control of occurence. Medical professionals in general give anything that associates with a psychological tag attached such a ugly negative stigma that often a PNES patient will be physically assaulted by medical staff during or just after a seizure. Because well we are just faking this stuff. I can honestly say any kind of ability to achieve understanding of this condition as a patient and obtaining a treatment plan that will assist in healing from it and assisting in resolution is not something that happens simply because of the negative and ignorant stigma the doctors nurses social workers and even neurologists who partake in any care of a person with this condition. I was dumbfounded when I learned that yes there are weirdos out there that will fake a seizure even inflict harm upon themselves for purposes of getting sone kind of med in an er room just to feel high. But it's kind if very worrisome that the staff who deals with those people and event dont have the intelligence to distinguish between patients and what is an act to obtain something vs a patient that is very demanding of NO medications . Do not give me anything just help me understand what is happening to me.
    I have little faith in these medical professionals and I have heard countless horror stories of treatment by these arrogant and abusive people. It truly disgusts me and as one of many that has undergone several assaults and verbal abuse incidents there should be a law or way to press criminal charges against those who do these acts. I know people who have other mental illness unfortunately experience the same ugly and horrible acts.
    Awareness and knowledge is only beneficial to a point. Something needs to be done to hold doctors nurses EMTs accountable for their abuse to others. The continue these behaviors because there is no action against them that would enforce these things tostop. I wish I was of a higher economic stature. I would put all my money into creating lawsuits and organizations that push for laws to be put in place to quit this kind of thing. Are we not evolved enough yet to have integrity of ourselves especially in this professiion???? Its just infuriating. Even this man who's entire video message is to provide knowledge of this condition he initially starts with a statement of " an episode that mimics and actual seizure." Along with a tone that immediately states it's a bad thing by bad people for attention. Even if later and throughout he actually starts to state that it's not anything we purposely do or have control of . It's not given the true explanation of what this is and how and why.
    Sorry for the very long rant. Just 5 years of other bs when you are doing all you can to heal get over and let your condition come to a fix somehow just pisses me off. I'm no closer to getting any medical treatment for this in anyway that actually facilitates the goal of understanding and correcting healing or whatever than I was my very first ER visit.

  5. I have this as well an it sucks very much … no medication has helped me yet .. so I tried smoking marijuana an at my surprise iv not had a weekly seizures anymore now it's down to a few times a month .

  6. I’ve been told I’m crazy and just need to relax I just got put on medical leave now I’m feeling a little less crazy hearing these videos no one here has referred me to any specialist cuz they all think it’s in my head.

  7. is there a solution of genetic PNES ? And please help me in medicine.. I have that like seizures. But I do n't know. Can these seizures finish forever from gene please share me solution?

  8. I was diagnosed with PNES when I was 11, I was pretty freaked out about what was happening to me because it was during school. I thought I was the only one who suffers this and I’m glad that I’m not the only one.

  9. After 2 and a half years of different diagnosis. After feeling lost in the hell of it. Being treated by Dr.s who walk in and say, there's nothing we can do ur causing this! I seriously contemplated every way conceivable to end this was thru suicide, wo my children knowing or the life insurance company so I could leave them something. I finally decided I couldn't. I know what I have after every test possible w and epiologist. 4 days in hospital, I have PNDS. The Dr. came in and said " the brain itself is completely healthy". My first thought was I am crazy! He said not at all. PNDS is just the same as people who come in w heart attacks or a stroke, "stress"! PNDS is just the mind saying I can't shove any more shit down and ignore it. "Strong does not mean invincible". They stopped the band aide fix of 10 mg daily of adivan and weaning me off the anticonvulsants. I'm now on medical cannabis and seeing a Cognitive Therapist. And I haven't had one seizure in 6 weeks. I had that many a week. I don't know why it's working? Maybe the Dr. who finally showed genuine concern but also set and explained what I had, how it's just as real as a true epilectic seizure Just being brought about by a different part of the brain. But far from crazy! There's a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I can overcome and get me back, my life. Do what ever u have to do face whatever u need to face. You live w the hell we have endured. You can fight this…And a little medical cannabis some how creates miracles. Hang on!

  10. I appreciate the good information here, but I strongly resent the insistence on calling these events "seizure-like" instead of what they are – seizures. There are many kinds of seizures that are not epileptic. Many meds carry a side effect of "seizures." This does not mean that the person taking the med has suddenly become epileptic. An extreme salt deficiency can cause "seizures." This does not mean that a salt deficiency alone is causing epilepsy. (If it does, then, there – you've got your cure for epilepsy.) I wish people would get over their refusal to call these seizures. More than once, I have had a PNES in a big hospital, only to have hospital doctors/employees (once, the hospital administrator) rush over to say that we had to get me to the ER because I was having a seizure. Then, when my family would inform them that I was not having a "real" seizure, the doctors/administrator would start getting loud – "Do you think that I don't know a seizure when I see one? She is having a grand mal seizure!" But if I go in to the ER, they will tell me that my seizures are not real. They are real and they are seizures. They may not be epilepsy, but they are seizures.

  11. I feel some relief knowing that I'm not the only one who experiences this. I've had pseudo seizures for years that are similar to panic attacks. Many people, including ex's and even emt's thought I was faking it. I would have convulsions and black out but eventually hear talking without being able to respond. I would get them in high stress situations. It's sad when people think you are faking.

  12. To those that have delt with PNES through education, and parents with children diagnosed with PNES: did you struggle with education for you child? What was successful and what was not?

  13. This is a bunch of bs. I was told I had this and it turns out…It's called lyme disease but the doctors won't accept this because the government brainwashed them seeing it was them who created lyme disease as a bioweapon in the first place.

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