Pot Does This To Your Brain

Have you ever wondered what exactly marijuana does to your brain? Crystal breaks down what happens. Follow Crystal on Twitter: …


  1. Honestly, who has the right to be against the legalization of weed? If you don’t want to smoke it then don’t but stop getting your panties in a wad over something that people want to do that doesn’t harm other people.

  2. Who pays you for this fake news. I was a hippy and had a highly responsible job, never caused an accident and never became addicted. Start telling the truth about alcohol and tobacco insted the you do people a favour.

  3. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/01/170125214606.htm
    pot itself will tell you when it is time to stop. i believe smoking as a teen or doing other mind altering substance is harmful. but the usual smoking age is 18-22 (clg years), and yeah if you abuse it sure you will not be able take decisions or better at judgement, even if you are 35 ! it will better that she talks about how regular alcohol use as a teen does to the brain. No one talks about it.

  4. I just feel so removed when I did. It’s not something I feel like helps me anymore I’d gotten to old for it. Once I started Budgeting it in my paychecks I decided it wasn’t something I needed. Feeling disconnected from my feelings, like I can’t have a conversation with some people it’s kinda crazy. I had to let it go.

  5. all the jokes and memes aside.

    I have recently quit smoking weed after almsot 10 years of HEAVY use ( Dutch weed daily_ and I am having such a hard time with school stuff that is meant for elementary age which wasnt a problem at the time.

    I can only pray that by training and training it will come back but this shit is scary


  6. Weed makes u lazy takes away ur drive u just sit on the couch like an idiot look what ur doing to ur self look at ur eyes look how ur brain feel all Compressed nothing I hate more than these pot-heads these drug users ugh ur not More connected with nature because you’re smoking trees already I’m sick of them

  7. Idk about you guys but I feel like it completely changes my mind and my ideas. Like once I smoke i think about shit I would never think about sober, it changes my perspective of things, makes me realize shit… the real dilema is that idk of this is a good thing or not.

  8. LIES LIES LIES THEY ALL LIE. I dont think any of that happened with me. On the contrary i became more sensible when i look at my life the way it was before weed. Yeah its not all hunky dory, i may have lost a bit of edge that i had back then but i nit to the point that could hamper decision making or anything like that. I believe that i am a better version of myself now. I workout, i dont get angry often, i make bett , i lose focus sometimes though but if i want to i can still do whatever i want trust me. you just lose a bit of focus thats all but you can train your mind just like anything else in your body. God has given us that power. They dont want you to do weed because once you get used to its high you will forget cigarettes and alcohol completely. Those two are very big industries worldwide which will face tremendous losses if people move to weed. We all know businesses dont want loss at any cost. So they push the government to spread this narrative that weed fucks up your brain and you get hooked. Like with cigarette and alcohol you are not. If you are wise enough you will see what is happening around you. A more powerful industry always crushes a small amd flourishing one. And about those hippies that roam on your streets they dont have access to real weed. All they get is adulterated stuff which has some other chemical mixed in it and probablt the weed you are getting right now is adulterated too but when this all becomes legal things will.change. think about it.

  9. Lol. You know what’s crazy is that I’ve been smoking weed since this was released, and I’m 18 now ( yes I stared smoking weed when I was 11) with no difficulties in any of my classes. And I have a great life. Alcohol is so much worse than my trees. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. These are propaganda, hit pieces against a substance that has never killed anyone, period. Want proof? Follow the money.
    "The research was supported by grants 14118, 026002, 35 026104, 027804 and 034093 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and grant 052368 from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, all of the National Institutes of Health. The Office of National Drug Control Policy and Northwestern Medicine’s Warren Wright Adolescent Center also supported the research."
    Paid for by 2 major anti "drug" organizations, both govt funded to smear cannabis.
    Should you use cannabis when your young? Probably not.

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